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watching Playing By Heart / singing with Kaylene -- damn she has a VOICE

So Ben and Kaylene have seen Playing By Heart now. Ben actually says it is one of his favorite movies and we agree that it was brilliantly done. Kaylene says the dialogue is too wordy to be true. I say it's perfect, so there. (and I can quote a lot of it. I've rented it 5 times.) So Del, you're next!!! I'm hoping you rave over it. I'm gonna keep making people watch it until I find someone else who raves over it. And I think I might make Michael watch it. And if I can buy it before he gets here, I might make Jed watch it too. ;-)

Kaylene and I sang in the car on the way to drop her off, and she told me I was scared of my voice and was closing my throat when I sang. "Stop it!" she demanded. I tried but I just couldn't with her in the car..... Then we got to her house, she went in and got the "Flaw" CD, then sang to it. DAAAAAAAAAAAAAYUM this girl can sing! I told her if I heard her voice on a CD I'd buy it. She has the style that I love; throaty, rich, gritty, powerful. She reminded me of (but didn't sound like) Adrienne Liesching or Jennifer Knapp's voice.

And because she's an excellent vocalist, I got depressed. That ALWAYS happens to me. But then on the ride home, I cranked up the radio and did as she said, singing with my gut, and I was impressed with myself. I actually sounded a good deal like her or Adrienne myself, which was a comfort to me. Kaylene said that in vocal styles, I was choral and she was blues, but I think that's cause choral is the only training I've had. And I hate singing all smooth and soft. So I'm gonna get vocal lessons ASAP, 'cause I want the confidence to sing like ME!!!!!!
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