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there is no such thing as a body 'flaw'!

Lately I have found myself being irritated by those who say (in a completely well-meaning way) something along the lines of, "Good for you, accepting your body flaws." I want to say, "Excuse me? What flaws?"

I don't believe in 'body flaws.' To believe in them, you have to believe in one single ideal body, and I emphatically do not! I know what I am supposed to look like -- I'm supposed to look like me! And since no one can look more like me than me, I'm as close to perfect as it gets. I don't need to look like anyone else OR any other version of myself.

I don't have flaws -- and neither do you. What we have are differences, and they are what make us beautiful, what make us unique, what make us who we are.

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