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Goals for 2009: self-educating & stepping out of my comfort zone

(most of this has been written since early January, but for whatever reason I never posted it. But I hibernate in winter anyway, so 10 days ago was New Years for me *giggles*)

- write more. I'm sick of having a whole stack of posts which are half-finished or just in concept stages. This is connected to:
- stop worrying about comments. I make up these strange rules for myself that then keep me from being able to fully express myself. I need to find a way to be as comfortable on the days where I comment nowhere as I am on the days where I go crazy with them. Also, responding to comments in my LJ immediately would keep THAT from getting in my way.
- keep up with posting about books I'm reading -- on/near the last day of every month, make a post. (2/12)
- return to musicsharing -- on/near the 22nd of every month, make a post. (3/12)
- return to artsharing -- every other Friday, make a post. (2/24+)
- post more of my dreams.
- write more about my partner
- write more about Aurilion
- write more about the mundane / day-to-day of my life.
- start a new project -- something interactive.
- pick a month and post every single day that month -- if I like how it feels, do it again two months later.

do you want to see me post everyday in April?


- read more. Instead of snatching moments here and there, devote 1 hour to reading at the beginning of each day, 30 min for fiction and 30 for non-fiction. (working very well so far!)
- no more than 1 out of 5 re-reads a year (partly to keep them fresh, partly to make sure that I read enough new stuff!)
- keep at least a 3-to-1 ratio (aiming for 2-to-1) of fiction to non-fiction (non-fiction includes biographies & historical fiction).
- learn more about: hypnotherapy, reiki, psychotherapy in general, what it means to be differently abled (having deafness, blindness, paralysis, autism), animals & plants (their consciousness: feelings, thoughts), people (biographies & autobiographies), crystals (their use in healing), culture (ancient egyptian and various modern cultures), feminism/equalism, and whatever else I am inspired to learn about.

- talk on the phone with at least three LJ friends I've never spoken to on the phone before (0/3)
- meet up with at least 3 LJ friends (other than Aurilion and lil sis, heh) (0/3)
- talk to lil sis more often
- have IM conversations more often
- become more comfortable with deadlines.
- meet at least three new people around here for coffee & conversation (0/3)
- once it's warm, go to some of the events at phoenix n dragon
- go to the Big Trees Forest Preserve by myself at least once a month, once it's warm (0/7)
- go on a long drive by myself to a new place
- go to a concert by myself
- go out by myself at least once a week, once it's warm (0/28)
- get my first tattoos! At least the first two (they go together) -- maybe as a belated birthday present from my partner :D :D :D
- maybe post a video of my INSANITY DANCE! (only if you all promise not to judge me, heh, I would never in a million years dance that way in front of anyone)
- MAYBE post a video of my serious dancing (but that's a LOT more vulnerable and less entertaining so that's a slim possibility)
- do the nocturnal treetop excursion in April and/or July
- attend interesting group activities in the area -- both alone and with others.
- possssibly spend more time with my in-laws... if I can make myself be more me around them, and if I can handle the "you don't belong" feeling.

- finish all of the vials (4/22)
- finish all of the affirmations (0/14?)
- mail them out! (0/22) (I suck! sorry!)
- write myself a new affirmation (done!)
- and say it every day until it is ready for replacement
- keep my dream journal by the bed and write my dreams down before getting up
- do at least two more sets of tarot readings (if there are takers)
- meditate for at least 22 minutes every evening for 22 days: (0/22)
- write to Geb in my prayer journal (the paper one)
- save up and buy a Hapi drum in the Akebono Key of D ♥ (20/423)
- once I get it, experiment and compose songs on my Hapi drum.
- POSSIBLY take videos of me playing (I love how you people just ASSUMED I'd be doing that, haha!)
- play in public (at parks, at Big Trees) -- not FOR an audience, but regardless of it.

- get a tablet and experiment with digital painting.
- take more photos and edit/post them soon after taking them.
- use the tripod/timer more
- devote more time to making earrings, especially simple single ones for a broader appeal
- list a wider variety on my etsy
- figure out how to sell more so I can raise money for my causes!
- PAINT. WITH ACRYLICS. FOR REAL. as soon as it gets warm.
- write more poetry. (2/11)
- get at least three of my photos printed at full size and hung on the wall

- continue using the healthrider briefly (enough to get my heart rate up) every thirty minutes, gradually increasing the length of each session and possibly adding weights.
- work on strengthening my core muscles
- dance more! (enough to make me breathe hard)
- once it's decently warm enough, go on evening walks with my partner when zir schedule allows.
- figure out my limits by going on measured walks every so often (ugh!)

- sort my books into 'read,' 'unread,' 'plan to re-read,' and 'essentials.'
- sort my unread books by desire and list the ones I'll probably never get to on bookmooch
- sort my read books and list the ones I'll probably never read again on bookmooch or give them to interested friends
- go through my random piles of papers and toss the trash and find some way of organizing the stuff I wanna keep
- make a binder of letters / postcards recieved rather than sticking them in a box
- make a selection of important photos
- - - - get them edited
- - - - get them printed
- - - - put them in a book!
- go through all my knick-knacks and donate the ones I can bear to part with (instead of now, keeping everything that was a gift)
- organize my fabric & crafts stuff.
- get drawers to replace my shoebox system :-p
- sort my CDs

NOTE: these are not resolutions, so I'm not going to feel bad if I don't do them -- they're just the things I'm aiming towards (some of these are carryovers from last year and the year before). Keeping in mind what I want helps me to get there, however slowly. ;-)
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on communication, social justice, intimacy, consent, friendship & other relationships, spirituality, gender, queerness, & dreams. Expect to find curse words, nudity, (occasionally explicit) talk of sex, and angry ranting, but NEVER slurs or sexually violent language. I use TW when I am aware of the need and on request.
Expect to find curse words, nudity, (occasionally explicit) talk of sex, and angry ranting, but NEVER slurs or sexually violent language. I use TW when I am aware of the need and on request.