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places to go, beings to meet
Places I wanna go (this is going in my sidebar and shall be continuously updated) NOT in order of desire:

short trip:
Auburn Avenue Research Library on African American Culture and History (101 Auburn Avenue, NE)
Carlos Museum
Decatur cemetery

day trip:
Tallulah Gorge State Park
Keown Falls (34.613537, -85.088174)
Blue Hole Falls on High Shoals Creek(34.8162, 83.727)
DeSoto Falls (34.706376, -83.915248)
Minnehaha Falls (34.7475; -83.48067)
Hemlock Falls at Moccasin Creek State Park (34.8448, -83.5887)
Falls on West Fork of Montgomery Creek (34.6242; -84.115)
Falls Branch Falls (34.784; -84.30217)
Helton Creek Falls (34.7532, -83.8941)
Amicalola River Trail (+34° 25' 36.01", -84° 12' 47.99")
Anna Ruby Falls
Cloudland Canyon
Brasstown Bald (haven't been there since I was a child)
US: Florida: Longwood: Big Tree Park: Senator (oldest pond cypress in the world)
US: Florida: Fort Lauderdale, 416 SW 4th Place: Raintree (North America's champion of the species)

looong trip:
US: Oregon: Portland: Japanese Maple
US: Maryland: DC: Weeping Blue Atlas Cedar at the National Arboretum
US: Maryland: North Bethesda: Linden Oak
US: Utah: Fishlake National Forest: Pando (Quaking Aspen clonal colony)
US: Texas: Rockport: Goose Island Oak
US: New York: NYC: Tompkins Square Park: American Elm grove (important Krishna site)
US: Virginia: Hampton University: Emancipation Oak
US: California: Big Sur: Los Padres National Forest
US: California: Santa Barbara: Moreton Bay Fig Tree
US: California: Inyo National Forest: Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest: Methuselah (oldest known living tree and non-clonal organism in the world)
US: California: Kings Canyon National Park: General Grant Grove: "General Grant"
US: California: Sequoia National Park: Giant Forest: "General Sherman" (I'm furious that these labels have been applied to such peaceful creatures)
US: California: Sequoia National Park: Giant Forest: The House
US: California: Stafford: Headwaters Forest: Luna (the tree in which Julia Butterfly Hill lived for a little over TWO YEARS in order to save it and the surrounding forest ♥ ♥ ♥ *tears of love*)
US: California: Temecula: Pechanga Reservation: Great Oak
US: Oklahoma: Oklahoma City National Memorial: The Survivor Tree (an American Elm who survived a bomb and subsequent hacking by horrible selfish humans looking for "evidence")
US: Minnesota: Grand Portage: Manidoo-giizhikens (if permitted, obv)
US: Louisiana: Mandeville: Seven Sisters Oak -- the largest live oak! 30.367222,-90.09875
US: North Carolina: Pittsboro: Carnivore Preservation Trust
US: Washington: Port Angeles: Kalaloch Cedar in the Olympic National Park
US: Washington: Seattle: Weeping Blue Atlas Cedar at the Kubota Garden
Egypt: Luxor: Al Qarnah: Temple of Hatshepsut
Egypt: Asyut
Cambodia: Siem Reap Province: Angkor: Rajavihara (Ta Prohm) (temple overgrown with silk cotton trees!)
India: Bihar: Gaya: Bodh Gaya: Sri Maha Bodhi (Sacred Fig under which Buddha achieved enlightenment)
India: Howrah: Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose Indian Botanic Garden: the Great Banyan
Sri Lanka: Anuradhapura: Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi (Sacred Fig)
Sri Lanka: Savatthi: Jetavana: Anandabodhi (Sacred Fig)
Japan: Yakushima: Kusugawa Hiking Path: Jōmon Sugi**
Japan: Ishikawa Prefecture: Kaga: Yamanaka Onsen: great sugi of Kayano
Japan: Kanagawa Prefecture, Kamakura, Tsurugaoka Hachiman-gū: 1000-year-old ginkgo felled and regrowing
Japan: Hiroshima: Naka-ku: Tera-machi: Hosenji zen temple: ginkgo which was 1130 m from epicenter of atomic bomb blast and survived
Japan: Hiroshima: Shukkeien garden: ginkgo survivor (1370 m from the blast)
Japan: Hiroshima: Naka-ku: Josei-ji: ginkgo survivor (1420 m from the blast)
Japan: Hiroshima: Naka-ku: Ginkgo at Senda Elementary School, 1650 m from the blast.
Japan: Hiroshima: Higashi-ku: Ginkgo at Myojoin-ji (temple), 1780 m from the blast.
Japan: Hiroshima: Higashi-ku: Ginkgo at Anraku-ji (temple), 2160 m from the blast.
Australia: New South Wales: Faulconbridge: Norman Lindsay Gallery and Museum
Australia: North Queensland: Atherton Tableland: Cathedral Fig & Curtain Fig
Western Australia: Gloucester National Park: Gloucester Tree
Western Australia: Derby: Boab Prison Tree
New Zealand: Northland Region: Waipoua Forest: Tāne Mahuta
New Zealand: Northland Region: Waipoua Forest: Te Matua Ngahere (kauri)
Belgium: Kortessem: Onzelievehereboom
Belgium: West Flanders: Lo-Reninge: Lo: Caesarsboom
Scotland: Perthshire: Fortingall: Fortingall Yew (oldest tree in Europe)
England: Lincolnshire: Bourne: Bowthorpe park farm: Bowthorpe Oak
North Wales: Conwy County Borough: Llangernyw: Llangernyw Yew (inhabited by Angelystor)
Sicily: Mount Etna: Sant'Alfio: Linguaglossa road: Hundred Horse Chestnut
Spain: Canary Islands: Tenerife: Santa Cruz de Tenerife: Icod de los Vinos: Church of San Marcos: El Drago Milenario (dragon tree)
Greece: Crete: Chania Prefecture: Municipality of Kolymbari: Ano Vouves: Olive tree of Vouves
Greece: Kos: Gazi Hassan Mosque: Tree of Hippocrates
South Africa: Pretoria Metropole: Magaliesberg Mountains: Wonderboom Nature Reserve (giant fig)
South Africa: Limpopo Province: Modjadjiskloof (fattest Baobab)
Sweden: Dalarna: Fulufjället Mountain: Old Tjikko (Norway Spruce)
Mexico: Oaxaca: Santa María del Tule: El Árbol del Tule (Montezuma Cypress, stoutest trunk in the world)
Iran: Yazd: Abarkuh: Zoroastrian Sarv (cypress)
Lithuania: Stelmužė Manor park: Stelmužė Oak
Armenia: Marduni Region: Karabakh: Skhtorashen Tree
Sierra Leone: Freetown: Cotton Tree
Madagascar: Menabe region: Alley of the Baobabs
South Korea: Seoul: Sungkyunkwan University: Seonggyungwan Munmyo (two great ginkgos)
Hawaii: Lahaina: Banyan Tree Park
China: Hong Kong: Lam Tsuen: Fong Ma Po Village: Tin Hau Temple: Lam Tsuen wishing trees
Tibet: Nyingchi: Bajie: the God of Tree (giant cypress)
Brazil: Santa Rita do Passa Quatro: State Park Vassununga: Patriarca da Floresta
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xochitl heart
I didn't know the largest live oak is in Mandeville! I might have to pop across the lake and see it sometime. You should come down when the LA Ren Fest is going on too! :D
I LOVE that you put GPS coords in your post. :)

Also, having been to both areas that you mentioned in Washington, I want to really really really encourage the trek to the Olympic National Park. The Kalaloch Cedar is breathtaking.
Cloudland Canyon is near me as well since I'm right on the GA TN line. I've been there twice and posted pictures when I went.
on communication, social justice, intimacy, consent, friendship & other relationships, spirituality, gender, queerness, & dreams. Expect to find curse words, nudity, (occasionally explicit) talk of sex, and angry ranting, but NEVER slurs or sexually violent language. I use TW when I am aware of the need and on request.
Expect to find curse words, nudity, (occasionally explicit) talk of sex, and angry ranting, but NEVER slurs or sexually violent language. I use TW when I am aware of the need and on request.