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July 24, 2014: I just unfriended a bunch of people who hadn't posted in forever. If you come back to LJ, or if you still use your journal to read, please let me know and I will re-add you.

Note: Underage users should not view this journal, as it contains material that is occasionally of an adult nature.

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"My feminism will be intersectional or it will be bullshit." -- Flavia Dzodan
Feminism is not a philosophy, feminism is the practice of resisting sexist oppression:
a practical approach to survival under patriarchy.

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Who I am:
I'm queer, genderfree & trans, polyamorous, fat & proud, honest, open, a nudist, a social justice worker, a tree-hugger (literally & figuratively), an eclectic pagan Quaker, and an art catalyst. My core values are justice, respect, reverence/wonder, connection/compassion, imperfection/action, honesty, curiosity/questioning, transparency/openness, creativity, growth/change, and thoroughness (that last one you can probably tell just from this list).

I believe in spirit, magic, critical analysis, mindful touch, asking, bold emotion, creating/living art, colors, nudity, giving, self-love, & Georgia. The qualities I'm currently building up in myself are expression (I used to be better at it, but lost skill through lack of practice), resistance, faith, and creativity.

I'm very learning-focused, and try to be as aware a consumer as possible. I'm pro-ethical-porn while being extremely anti-mainstream-porn (which is 99.99% of it), pro-ethical-BDSM while being anti-mainstream-BDSM (which is 99.99% of "the scene"), pro-ethical-meat-production while being anti-factory-meat-production, etc; there is usually a small good side to most very evil things. There's probably even some good kind of capitalism but I don't know if anyone will ever find it. My way of making it through all the shit is if it is too hard to sift for the good, I just avoid it as much as possible.

I'm 31, an undergrad student, no kids (undecided for the future but I'd need at LEAST two co-parents), no live-in partner (undecided for the future but not until May 2015 at least), no grown-up job. As such, there isn't much I can relate to with the average person my age.

What's in my LJ:
---my thoughts & feelings; my emotional journey
---society; my ideas on why it is the way it is and how it could change
---everyday life; what happens in my life and my reaction to it
---polls & interactive memes; me seeking to learn more of you
---photo posts; myself, my jewelry, randomosity
---art & music; sometimes I share some of my artistic inspirations
---dreams; occasionally with interpretations

Why I'm here:
I'm rededicating my journal to its original purpose; sharing my life to allow others to know me and to serve as an external memory due to my terrible onboard one. I've had this LJ for going on 11 years now (yeah, that means the early embarrassing stuff is there) and it sort of evolved over time into a place I only shared polished, finished pieces that took me more than two hours to write. I am striking back against that by challenging myself to post daily.

I'd really, really, really like to find others using their journal in similar ways, particularly queer intersectional feminists. I am not a great commenter but I am a great reader and taking in other people's self-examination is exceedingly inspiring to me. I seek open, honest people, who share themselves freely and seek to grow continuously. People who resist the ideas and ideals thrust on them by kyriarchy. People who see the pain and darkness in the world and react by doing their best to make it better.

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. ! . important posts . ! .

        · intimacy: ways of creating it & an outline of my intimacy practices
        · my relationship w/ language; my beliefs on words & how I speak
        · on use of 'lame' 'gay' 'retarded' etc. as insults or negative expressions
        · sexually violent language, the word 'rape' & 'curse words'
        · how I apologize when I hurt someone: empathize, explain, change
        · If I'm wrong, tell me - and check for misunderstandings
        · 6 principles to body-love: my experiences and methods
        · parts of a person -- spirit, heart, soul, mind, and body
        · how I value impermanence and infinity to equal degrees
        · tithing to my causes: equality, freedom (legal & spiritual), art, earth
        · my generosity is sustained by appreciation & killed by expectation
        · my spirit-shapes: snow leopard, egyptian cobra, american river otter

        · why break-ups should be treated like graduations, not like death
        · negotiating expectations / ending relationships is a vital skill
        · on jealousy, fear, loneliness, envy, threat, and disconnection
        · eye contact is intensely intimate and nourishing for me
        · the difference between openness and honesty
        · LJ journey to openness & honesty; my love for nudity
        · my decision to use genderfree language
        · discussing genderfree language
        · love & affection
        · soulfriendship
        · expressing pain vs. complaining
        · on talking about a person behind zir back

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. . . my inspirations . . .

[Delusions of Gender] [Door Into Ocean] [Daughters of Elysium] [The Children Star] [Brain Plague] [Biting the Sun] [The Family Tree] [Egalia's Daughters] [Staring Back] [Midworld] [The Visitor] [Dark Water's Embrace] [Walking the Tree] [Somebody Else's Kids] [Mismeasure of Woman] [War of the Flowers] [Scarlett] [The Silver Metal Lover] [Just Another Kid] [One Child] [The Tiger's Child] [Transformed By The Light] [Where God Lives] [Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency] [Hitchhiker's Trilogy] [Gibbon's Decline and Fall] [Healing of Crossroads (series)] [Myths of Gender]

[Joan Slonczewski] [Sheri S. Tepper] [Torey Hayden] [Gerd Brantenberg] [Stephen Leigh] [bell hooks] [Kate Bornstein] [Tanith Lee] [Bayard Rustin] [Jacqueline Koyanagi] [Amy Tan] [Anne Fausto-Sterling] [Sharon Shinn] [Judith Tarr] [Pauline Gedge] [Michael J. Roads] [Tad Williams] [Alexandra Ripley] [Julio Cortazar] [Sarah Isidore] [Melvin Morse, M.D.] [Zilpha Keatley Snyder] [Douglas Adams] [Alan Dean Foster] [Elizabeth Ann Scarborough]

[noe venable] [p.j. harvey] [massive attack] [the cranberries] [azure ray] [au revoir simone] [cocorosie] [austra] [missy higgins] [bat for lashes] [orenda fink] [zoe keating] [lykke li] [neulander] [stateless] [sonia leigh] [elsiane] [dolores o'riordan] [cinephile] [the benjamin gate] [dream art science] [butterfly boucher] [flunk] [dragonette] [under byen] [marina and the diamonds] [silversun pickups] [beats antique] [the kills] [data romance] [grimes] [mutemath] [shiny toy guns] [dead can dance] [savage garden] [e. s. posthumus] [t.A.T.u.] [deepika] [heather nova] [darren hayes] [vixtrola] [tonic] [angie aparo] [halou] [venus hum] [little dragon] [portishead] [rae spoon] [lenka] [deep forest] [mgmt] [fever ray]

[Sarah Grimké] [Andrea Dworkin] [Michael Kimmel] [bell hooks] [Kimberle Crenshaw] [Joan Slonczewski] [Angelina Jolie] [Butterfly Boucher] [Juan Mann] [Torey Hayden] [Adam Sandler] [Jimmy Carter] [Sara Ramirez] [Dolores O'Riordan] [George Washington Carver] [John Ripley Forbes]

[Anders Zorn] [Frank Frazetta] [Norman Lindsay] [Tamara de Lempicka] [William Etty] [Guillaume Seignac] [Luis Ricardo Falero] [John William Godward] [Delphin Enjolras] [William Bouguereau] [Herbert James Draper] [Louis Corinth] [Frederick Carl Frieseke] [Pierre-Auguste Renoir] [Paul Desire Trouillebert] [Cynthia Sheppard] [Michael Whelan] [Willow Jenkinson] [Willow Arlenea] [Ma Deva Padma] [Liiga Smilshkalne] [Jean Tay] [Benita Winckler] [Linda Bergkvist] [Jana Schirmer] [Paien Skye] [Jake Probelski] [Bao Pham] [Diane Özdamar] [Jessica Oyhenart] [Roc Upchurch] [Michaël Zancan] [Kajsa Flinkfeldt] [Vitaly S. Alexius] [Larry MacDougall] [Royce Deans] [Stephanie Dodson] [Desirée Isphording] [Steven C. Edwards] [Katherine R. Barber]

[Playing By Heart] [Kiss Me Again] [The Matrix (series)] [Foxfire] [Ever After] [I Could Never Be Your Woman] [A Lot Like Love] [The Guitar] [The Golden Compass] [I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry] [Harry Potter (series)] [Girl Interrupted] [Edge of America] [Happy Gilmore] [Big Daddy] [50 First Dates] [Mr. Deeds] [8 Mile] [Life Or Something Like It] [School of Rock] [A.I. Artificial Intelligence] [Calendar Girls] [The Island]

[XENA!!!] [Lost Girl] [Saving Grace] [Newsroom] [Medium] [Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip] [The Listener] [The IT Crowd] [Adventure Time] [Sanctuary] [Stargate SG-1] [Afterlife] [Pushing Daisies] [Moonlight] [30 Rock] [The L Word] [Scandal] [Grey's Anatomy] [Modern Family] [Raising Hope] [Fairly Legal] [White Collar] [Push Girls]

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When I can, I donate to these excellent organizations:
Angel Oak Preserve: saving an ancient live oak from habitat destruction,
Ultraviolet: signalboosting against sexism to make real, fast change,
First Peoples Worldwide: direct assistance to Indigenous peoples,
Sylvia Rivera Law Project: working against poverty & over-incarceration of trans people,
Oyate: publishing true stories to combat all the falsehood,
Full Radius Dance: local creative mixed-ability dance,
Big Trees Forest Preserve: local greenspace that I love,
The Snow Leopard Trust: protecting endangered snow leopards
Lake Oconee B.A.C.A. chapter: helping abused children feel safe,
American Indian College Fund: balancing educational opportunity for Native students,
Hispanic Scholarship Fund: balancing educational opportunity for Hispanic students,
UNCF: balancing educational opportunity for all students of color,
Georgia Equality: LGBTQ advocacy in GA,
CHRIS Kids: for homeless LGBTQ kids, &
Legal Momentum: women's legal defense and education fund

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// Layout developed slowly with excessive tinkering, initial help from [info]ignited's tutorial, and several great tips from [info]kunzite1. // tiny userinfo icon is an edited version from this collection // great linklist for Opal // Icons with copyright notices are images of Belenen. // Photo in userinfo is © Belenen. // (joule friend reading device) //

Friending Policy: Add me if you want: my journal is 95% public, and I certainly don't mind you adding me. No need to ask! My lj-friends are very important to me; I genuinely care about them and invest in them at least as much as face-to-face friends. Because of this, I only friend some people, not everyone, because I want to be able to keep up with my friends list and make real connections. If you friend me, I will check out your journal, read some entries and your userinfo to see if I think we have potential to click. If I think we do, I'll add you back. ;-) (if I don't add you right away, I may add you later after I've gotten to know you through comments) I look for lj-friends who:
will challenge me, stretch my mind and help me grow as a person -- and who want to grow and seek to learn from me as well.
are passionate about life -- who are excited about making their journey in this world, and believe they can and will make a difference and change the world.
are honest and open; not only telling their truth but telling it freely and vulnerably. Who post about personal thoughts & feelings as well as daily life.
are on a journey to learn to love themselves and others exactly as they are.
are compassionate, creative, intense, and openminded.
fill out my awesome, nosy, in-depth, soul-searching survey! <---

My permanent account was generously given by:
clown_frog, shadowlily, rescoto, brightlotusmoon, roina_arwen, bellerisa, spindell, shioneh, lorelei_sakti, smurfb1ue, aubkabob, & wallbrat!!!
Thank you soooooooo much!

Don't have an LJ but want to keep up with me? add me to your feed reader:

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