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photos of my hair / buying stuff

Free Image Hosting at (the second is more accurate in color)

I look so wide 'cause you can't see my waist or butt -- that effect of long hair I do not like. And I wanted to do a more imaginative photo, but couldn't think of anything that both showed my hair off really well and looked good otherwise -- ideas anyone?


Today was fairly good... I bought elya and Rebecca their presents, and found some awesome books at the thriftstore -- two of which I will keep, and six of which I will trade at the wonderful used book store for stuff I actually want ('action style' macho-man sci-fi does not interest me at all). The grand total for the eight books was $3.98. I'm so good. *smug look*

and I made some awesome earrings... which I will post later. (the plethora of photos lately! I've rediscovered my camera!)

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