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beadweaving is my art of choice

Some people draw (sky_falls_down), some paint (misemifein2), some take photos (_displaced_) some animate (jamina1), and some combine those (jedibubbles). These arts and others are easily recognizable as art because they can visually convey an idea or emotion. The easiest way to do that is by painting humans -- when you see yourself in a work of art you find it much easier to comprehend the idea or emotion that the work is expressing. A crying woman is much more evocative than a bowl of oranges, for example.

While I cannot convey an idea or a complex emotion, I do have at my disposal line, color, texture, and pattern. Through these I attempt to create a subtle attitude from an arrangement of glass. I'm every bit as passionate about beading as some artists are about their paintings or drawings. My work means something to me. I love creating custom pieces, because I concentrate on what I know of the person and try to express that by using shades of color, size and shape of beads, contrasting or smooth-flowing patterns, translucency and opacity, subtle matte or flamboyant gloss. I love that my art is wearable -- I think art should be something that touches life and makes it more beautiful, even in a small way. I also love that my art makes women feel like life is a little more exciting (when they're wearing my jewelry).

And like every artist, I crave an appreciative audience for my work, so I am filled with shimmering gratitude for all of you who commented on that earrings post -- it's very encouraging! Most people see my work as a nice little hobby, not art that I put my heart and soul into. It's so lovely to see that people admire my work.

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