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Christmas presents!

Dear amazedcreation, aubkabob, darkpool, eternitywaiting, evileve, anar_anar, genesiskenshin, jamina1, jedibubbles, karmia, mental_coercion, misemifein2, shaybe, and sky_falls_down,
I feel a bond with you guys and I want to give you a Christmas present -- a pair of earrings made by myself. And if my jewelry isn't your style, well, 'tis the season for re-gifting! I don't mind if you give your pair away. Just don't give it to somebody you don't like.

So if you or someone you care about would like a pair of my earrings for Christmas, comment with the length, color(s), and style you want. Look through the ones I've made and if you want a similar style, I can probably do it... or you can just describe to me an idea you have.

The catch is, you must comment and tell me what you want before Sunday (the 12th) so I can make them and have them sent on Monday. And you have to email me your snailmail address of course -- to Belenen at

If they aren't your style and you don't have a friend who would want a pair, please comment and say 'no thanks' so I'm not waiting and wondering.

P.S. aubkabob, please let me buy some niobium hooks and make you a pair just to try! If you're allergic to niobium (very unlikely), you can still give them to somebody else.
P.P.S. Those of you who I know outside of LJ, no need to send your address 'cause I'll probably see you over the holidays.
P.P.P.S. I am in love with

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