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today's my first anniversary! so I'm posting wedding photos!

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the kiss
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me deliriously happy
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my vivid violet wedding dress
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more smiles
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back that thing up!
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my girls and me
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the ceremony

The vows we wrote:

I take you to be my (husband/wife),
one with me in will.
I promise to cherish and encourage your spirit,
to help God defend your soul,
to relentlessly explore the depths of your mind,
and to pleasure your body with everything God gives me. (this line got a lot of comments at the reception!)
I promise to hold you accountable in our relationship with God,
and to seek my own relationship with Him above all else.
I dedicate my love to you forever,
and I promise to trust you no matter the circumstance.
I will be faithful to you in every way,
and commit myself to honesty with you.
I will always forgive you with God's help,
and will repent when I wrong you.
I promise to grow and to help you to grow,
and to seek to serve you all my life.

(me) I offer myself into your protection. Do you take me?
(Ben)I do.
(Ben) I offer myself to your care. Do you take me?
(me) I do.

"You may kiss the bride" -- upon which we kissed for a looong time, 'cause I had teased Ben endlessly about his lack of public affection, and he wanted to show me that now that we were married he'd have no problem with it. Pastor John ended up making a joke about it (which I can't remember for the life of me), everybody laughed, and we finally walked back down the aisle.

The bridesmaids/groomsmen walked in to Damien Rice's "Volcano," I walked down the aisle to the Cranberries "Dreams," and we walked out to Portishead's "Sour Times" ... I was planning on walking down the aisle to Metallica's "Nothing Else Matters" 'cause that's always been Ben's and my song (he can play it beautifully), but at the last minute we couldn't find the CD. But I think "Dreams" was really perfect after all...

And yes, I was barefoot. I wanted to be barefoot and have my hair down and free, because that's how I feel the most myself. And there were no flowers because I don't like flowers -- my bridesmaids carried dripless candles and I was emptyhanded.

Instead of having my dad walk me down the aisle, I walked down the aisle by myself (very nearly dancing, I was so giddy) and had the parents (both sets) give us to each other at the altar.

Pastor: "Mothers: As your daughter and son join in marriage, they will receive from each other the nurturing and counseling they once received from you. Do you release your son and daughter to each other's nurture and counsel?"
Mothers: "We do."
Pastor: "Fathers: As your son and daughter join in marriage, they will receive from each other the validation and protection they once received from you. Do you release your son and daughter to each other's validation and protection?"
Fathers: "We do."
[there was supposed to be a symbolic tie around our wrists that the parents removed, but we forgot them, so PJ ad-libbed]
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