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dream (paula and spencer)

I was in my bioparents bedroom in their GA house (as if it was a flashback) and I was sitting on the bed talking with Paula, when Spencer walked in and mentioned that he missed me. I just kind of smiled and nodded, wondering if he meant it. He left the room for a moment and then came back in, looked me directly in the eyes and said firmly, "I miss you," in such a way that I couldn't doubt it. I started crying, because I was overwhelmed with the fact that he sincerely cared about me and desired my company. Then he hugged me and said stuff that made me feel loved (I can't remember what) and I felt like I really had a Daddy and I was protected and loved.

I wonder where that dream came from... I wan't thinking about the Wynnes the night before or even for the past two days. Maybe Spencer does miss me and that was God telling me so (I often have prophetic dreams) or maybe Spencer was a metaphor for God in the dream...
Tags: dreams, dreams more real than waking, wynnes

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