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work work work / my wonderful husband and his magic touch

Today was my eighth-in-a-row day of working... I'm so exhausted, and my body's not very happy. I have a sore throat, sniffles and coughs, and my intercostal muscles (the ones that connect your ribs) are sore, which is torture. Not to mention my feet ache. And it's sapping my crativity -- I haven't posted deeply or worked very much on the jewelry that I meant to send out last week... I'm so sorry guys, but a lot of those Christmas presents are going to be late. Maybe not the GA folks though.

But my Ben is wonderful... every day after work he's been massaging my aching (and stinky) feet. He has such a magic touch -- the other day I literally could not walk after I took my shoes off because my arches were so sore, and after he massaged them they didn't hurt at all. (even if he did laugh at me for crawling around on my hands and knees before he fixed my feet) I'm so fucking blessed -- not lucky, blessed.

I have tomorrow off!!!! Hallalujah!!!!!! I'm spending it with jedibubbles, which makes Ben sad 'cause he's barely seen me the past week, but she's only in GA for a short time, so he's making the sacrifice. Yay! I haven't seen my Sparkle in ages. She'll provoke my muse, I'm sure of it -- it's that pixie dust, does it every time.

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