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day with allison / playing by heart / massive attack / the photo

So jedibubbles picked me up and we went in pursuit of fun and found many bits of it along the way. We went to my favorite restaurant to eat ('cause she said she was neutral, and if there's a chance for me to go to El Ranchero, I'm gonna take it) and I introduced her to the awesome bead store nearby (she's my only bead-loving friend *sniff*) and stopped by B&N and Starbucks (Del may not like coffee, but she supports my love of it, and that's good enough! (she had hot chocolate)). She bought a... manga. Yes, that's right, a manga. Ah, the depths her college roomies have dragged her down to. Craziness! ;-)
We also went to her house and watched "Playing By Heart" -- the best movie that there ever was, is, or will be. (If you haven't seen it, go rent it immediately!) Del enjoyed it, which pleased me to no end... 'cause that movie is so close to my heart that not liking it feels a little like not liking me. Mainly because the character Jolie plays is so wild and free and ME! That character is very like what I would be like if I was truly healed. I'd be more carefree, not so damn cautious, I'd chase after people that I want in my life, I'd dress like her and (half of the time) walk with that lunging skipping pace, and chase after my dreams regardless of whether or not they were logical. And I'd calmly but violently knee assholes. ;-)

"I like your tight body; it looks like it would do what I tell it."
"I said--"
"Oh, I heard what you said. And I'll admit that 'what' was a rather banal, cliche, non-colorful response. What I meant to say was, 'why don't you do the world a big fat fucking favor and crawl back into your mother's womb?'"
"Some girls like men to say stuff like that to them."
"Some girls like men to take a dump on them. I'm not either one of those girls."
(yes, that was from memory)

And at one point Del turned to me and said, "She looks so much like you!" and I don't know if she was partially serious or what, but I was very flattered. I do think we have similar eyes.


As we drove, we listened to my brand-spankin'-new Massive Attack CD, 'Mezzanine.' I'm so in love with this band right now. Del liked it too, which made me happy 'cause it means I get to add acid jazz to her musical love list. Del, see this as a warning: You're about to be plied with Portishead and Massive Attack songs. ;-) Del is the only friend I've had that will pick up bands that I recommend her... I feel deprived 'cause I nearly always pick up something from each friend. (I got acid jazz from Kaylene) Why can't everybody else give my bands a decent chance? And no, a decent chance is not listening to the first 15 seconds of each song on the CD. A decent chance is listening to the whole CD through once.

Anyway, when I got home I popped the Massive Attack CD in and listened to it loud, and couldn't help dancing. This is the first music since bellydance music that FORCES me to dance -- I love love love it!!!! It helps that they have one middle-eastern-sounding song, but that actually wasn't the song that made me dance.


in other news, I MISS YOU misemifein2!!!

and I'm in love with the photo that I made this icon from. Yes, I know that's being full of myself, but it's just such a me photo. I recently discovered it -- the one shoot I had with Bill Husted resulted in so many photos that I still haven't seen every one. I think it really captures me, so much so that it intrigues me -- and actually, during that photoshoot I was focusing on trying to display my spirit for the camera -- I suppose with this one shot I really succeeded.
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