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is he crushing on me? / Massive Attack

I think one of the CSMs at work has a little crush on me. Either that or he's just an extraordinarily kind-hearted person, 'cause he's always very prompt to respond if I have a question, and he tries his best to make my day better. I like being able to count on him not to get grumpy if I need help (or want help 'cause I don't want to go look for a price on something). But it makes me a little bit uneasy because I'm not sure what Ben would think. I hope he's just a generous soul, but to quote Ross and Joey, "Is a guy ever just 'nice' to a woman?" "No, only for sex."

At work today I kept wanting to hear Massive Attack. I've never fallen so hard for a band so fast! I bought the CD on short samples and hearsay, and instantly loved every song on the CD. Their stuff is hypnotizing... it runs through my head all day and I like it!

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