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Y'know what oddly makes me quite happy? Looking through your friends lists and discovering that three of you set purple as my custom colors on your friends page. You know who you are! All of you are awesome!

More of the why-you-are-awesome thing (I'm surprised that so few responded to that! I love having people describe their thoughts of me) And I'm doing some people who didn't ask for it, just 'cause I wanna.

elucidation of the kickassness of:

Vee is a very passionate person, which I always love. She seems to me to be a person who sees things more clearly than most -- from reading her posts I get the feeling that she reads people very well, and sees more than they intend to show. She also loves Angelina Jolie (though in a different way than I *wink*), and also finds Jolie's honesty to be inspiring. She seems to have such a generous heart -- she's always giving to her friends.

The first awesome thing about Kyra that popped into my head is that she's a fellow Benjamin Gate fan, a rare and very precious thing. ;-) Other than that, she's awesome because she's Christian and openminded, which makes for a very unusual viewpoint. I love her dry sense of humor... the way she writes doesn't make me laugh out loud, but I'm almost always smirking at something she said.

This girl is so awesome. I met her by her randomly finding me and asking if she could paint a portrait of me using a photo from my photography page, which I of course agreed to. She's an awesome artist -- she paints and draws with pastels, and she recently started posting her work in her journal. I love reading her journal; the way she thinks fascinates me. She's definitely got a philosophical bent, and she's very eloquent in expressing herself; quite a few times she's made me lean back in my chair and stare blinkingly at the wall, thinking 'wow, I never looked at it that way before!' I looooove that. But I'm not sure exactly what it is that fascinates me about her... it's undefinable.

A fellow fantasy novel lover! She and I click on so many levels -- she is, in fact, the only person I've communicated with that feels the same way I do about friendships. That won't mean much to the rest of you, but it comes to my mind about 50% of the time when I read a post or comment by her. And we've had similar experiences which we view in a similar way, and that just makes for wonderful understanding. Plus, she's literally laugh-out-loud funny -- her funkystrange metaphors are hilarious. And besides, she called me her dearest Bel, and I tend to get mushy about (semi-)public statements of affection.

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