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Well, darkpool (whom I only know via LJ) read my wish list and sent me "The Red Unicorn," which she just happened to have, and then my RL friend jedibubbles gave me the first two of that series, without knowing that Kyra (I like calling you that even though I know it isn't your real name) had already given me the third! So I have the whole series very randomly, how awesome is that???

---Ben gave me Ghirardelli cocoa and the F.R.I.E.N.D.S party pack...
---Miss K (Ben's mom) gave me a giant 40-ounce bag of whole bean STARBUCKS COFFEE!!! and a grinder, but we already have 2 (due to losing the first and finding it after we bought the second)...
---Rebecca gave me six packs of awesomely colored seed beads...
---elya bought us a medicine cabinet's innards (seriously, she has peeked at our shelves and been horrified by the lack of healing accessories)...
---Del gave me the aformentioned two books and an awesome little box containing basic bellydancing instructions and a little pair of finger clappers...
---My dad said he sent me a gift, but it hasn't arrived yet.

I gave Ben headphones and two books (in his current series by Elizabeth Hayden)...

Ben and I plan to exchange more gifts after our next paychecks, on Thursday. I think what we'll do is go shopping together and just present each other with them as we put them in the shopping cart or something.

The present elya, Rebecca, and I got for Allison BETTER get here tomorrow!

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