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am I happy for other people's joy? yes. / do the fun thing! *poll (sorta)*

mlurg. A person recently asked me, "are you ever happy on other people's account?" and I was tempted to ask all of you if you think that I'm never happy on other people's account... since you read my journal and interact with me, I think you know me rather better than she. BUT.

I already know that I am quite capable of being happy on other people's account. Even if that happiness is somewhat to my loss! I'm happy that Kaylene has a job and a car now (she's been needing a car for forever) even though that means that she has planted herself in a home that is 1.25 hours away from mine. I'm happy that Kristy has moved so far in her healing, even though that means that she has moved beyond me and we can no longer commiserate like before. I'm happy that Allison has Kat to be close to her while she's in FL... even though that means that I am not needed nearly as much. Probably wanted the same, but not as needed... and I do like to be needed, because then I have the delight of being trustworthy. I'm trustworthy anyway, but people don't usually test you just for fun -- they test you when they need you. There are other examples, but those are the ones closest to my heart right now.


Thank you amazedcreation, darkpool, sunshinepill, phrankenstyne, evileve, anar_anar, genesiskenshin, mental_coercion, lunaflare, jamina1, smurfb1ue, bluebl00d, eternitywaiting, maladroitkat, nikare, cethlynn, kmiotutsie, misemifein2, and aubkabob for being so wonderfully awesome and doing this.

And jedibubbles, karmia, moody_godess, sciethen, scourge, shaybe, sky_falls_down, storeyphoto, synisterchyck, and theanonymousx, please be loves and do it too!!! The rest of you don't hafta, since you're n00bies, but I'd be pleased if you did, all the same. ;-)

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