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Resolutions for 2005

I've never done this before, but I thought it'd be interesting... so here goes:

In 2005 I will:

(continuous goals)
  • write in vividviolet at least once every two weeks, with the aim of every week.
  • do flexibility exercises regularly (I love my body when it's limber and strong -- I feel like the most beautiful woman in the world. I need to have that feeling more often).
  • keep in close touch with Kristy and Allison, even if it means a lot of dead air on the phone until I get used to talking on the damn thing again.
  • always go up to the front and dance during worship.
  • write in here just about every day, even if it's inane.
  • read my Bible at least once a week, aiming for every other day.
  • believe in the prophesies that have been spoken over me, and see some of them come to pass.

(once or more goals)
  • try selling my jewelry on ebay.
  • convince storeyphoto to use his account, even if only for commenting.
  • make at least one handflower.
  • model for at least three different photographers.
  • make two new close friends (or bring two casual friends much closer).
  • meet at least one of my LJ friends.
  • take bellydancing lessons.
  • eat more vegetables (they're freaking expensive, but I suppose they're worth the investment).
  • save up money (now that we're actually taking in more than we need to survive).
  • be healed from rape issues and have no more fear (or so little that it's managable).
  • get to know Kimmi, Julius, and nikare better.
  • convince one of my friends to model with me.
  • visit my parents and have a peaceful time.
  • make more friends of other races; learn more about other cultures.
  • write on my story.
  • commission (at least rough) sketches of my races.
  • get my heart-sister tattoo with Kristy.
  • find four new favored bands.
  • take better care of my hair.
  • watch many episodes of f.r.i.e.n.d.s.
  • watch "Playing By Heart" with Kristy.
  • trust the love of my friends more.
  • stay in contact (better than this year) with the Wynnes.

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