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what people think of me, in their words.

Honestly, what comes to mind most often when I think of Belenen is her intimacy with God. She's intensely real and true to herself and her emotions. From reading her journal, I see her as someone who does not often wear a mask and a false smile, and connects deeply to people, in an empathic way. She's confident but not arrogant, but she also wants people to like when she decides to commit to something it is not halfheartedly. I truly admire her purity and passion for God and I think she's absolutely beautiful inside and out.

---The very first thing I noticed about Belenen is how nice she is. That's a vague and general statement, I know, so allow me to elaborate. Some people act nice, but they're not really very nice at all. It's all a deception... a fake quality that they have. Belenen is genuinely nice. When she says something -- she means it. Very few possess that trait.

Belenen is someone that upon meeting for the very first time, I would trust wholly and completely. She's very honest and openminded, and accepts others as they are. She makes people feel comfortable and unashamed in her presence.

Out of the four elements, I've always associated her with Air. Creative, independent, optimistic, kind-hearted, light-spirited, and down to earth.

---I adore her words, her beauty, and her spirit. She has such an amazingly passionate energy. I can only imagine being in a room with her; I bet she radiates warmth, strength, and life. She lives so far away, but I would love to meet her sometime. I think I could learn a lot about myself by just being around her.

---As a person she's inspired me in so many ways. Her honesty and openness has pushed me into being a more honest and open person. I’ve been, for the most part, a fairly private person my whole life, but witnessing her unabashed openness makes me want to taste that freedom, too.

When I think of her, I think “woman.” I know that sounds silly, but not only is she a gorgeous person on the outside, but if her soul had a face, even Aphrodite would lie down and weep. She's so passionate and involved with life, carefree and charming in so many ways. Her strength and introspective nature should be the envy of every person, and I think that everyone who has the pleasure of her acquaintance will come out of it a better person.

Honestly, she's one of the most unique people I’m ever met. I’m so glad we stumbled across one another on this vast internet. I hope that one day we can meet; consider it something that’s on my high-priority “to-do” list.

Well the first thing that comes to mind when I think of Belenen is how open minded she is. It's a great quality that she has, a quality that I admire in people. She doesn't stop and judge people, she sees the big picture. No matter if you share or not the same beliefs, she'll give you her time, she's a very generous person. She's a strong, independent, smart and funny woman.

---Belenen is a beautiful person inside and out. The first word that comes to mind when I think of her is "dreamer". She is strong in her beliefs but not complacent, simply believing what she is told. She is open and that's something to be valued. Sometimes, though, I think she is caught up in finding the answer to her questions forgetting that the question can be an answer in its own right. Her faith is beautiful and something I wish I had...
---What I love about her is her need to "know". She wants to learn and grow and change and it's seriously a beautiful thing. She also understands me.. there aren't many people that try let alone actually manage that feat. She is beautiful and smart and talented. I'm glad I get to know her.

Belenen is a beautiful christian girl whom I admire for her vulnerability. She is a very strong woman who lets herself be totally real -- all the time, it seems. Most people don't let themselves be totally real all the time, because they're too afraid of getting taken advantage of somehow, but I think it is a sign of real strength, when someone can be aware of this and be real at the same time. We don't have too awfully much in common, but she reminds me of a few people who have been very close to me at times, and because of this and my feelings toward the girls she reminds me of, I almost feel protective of her.

--let me tell YOU why i adore the flickers right off of you: in reading your journal and everything, i almost immediately felt a kinship. you're deeply spiritual, but not judgemental. you're artistic. you've shown me that after horrible things happen to people, that happiness CAN happen in relationships. i want to learn drums. you don't mind the fact that i seem to have a touch of add ;) you're one of the few people that i bust arse in order to read their journals and keep up on everything, especially during this time of year! you are also the first person i've met in a long time, if not EVER, that has the exact same views on friendships that i do. as you said up there *points emphatically with a gigantos cheesy grin*, that may not mean much to a lot of people, but it means the world to me. you're my little chunk of sanity in my crazy world. :)
--Belenen and I totally hit it off immediately because of dealing with old ghosts as well as the way we view things in the present because of them. For years, I've always thought of my perspective on friendships and beliefs as skewed and almost... impersonal because of how off-handed I always am on a lot of things. It's such a relief to know that there IS someone else out there that believes as I do. Not only that, but after reading the same trite things over and over in most people's journals, everyone feeling that no one understands them, that they hate their lives, etc., she was SUCH a breath of fresh air. She's artistic, she has deep emotions that she's not afraid to share with the world, and can put it so articulately... and besides, I could never resist someone that laughs at all my dumb jokes!

Sensitive, perhaps to her detriment, but admirably so. Creative and beautiful, with an eye for art in many forms. Constantly strives for happiness, even when circumstances attempt to prevent it. Open-minded, accepting of other people's flaws, and both loving and lovable.

She is a fire. Not just a flame. She is a real woman; knows herself deeply, but is still diving deeper to learn more about herself. She seeks truth with passion. She is opinionated - she stands up for truth without hesitation. She is a faithful friend. She is wise.

In so many ways she is still a child (not childish, but child like). She still has innocence even in a fully knowing woman's body. She is a child of God.

She is beautiful, and talented in a way only she can be beautiful and talented. She is so unique, and that itself is beautiful. There is something mysterious about her, but she is the most down to earth person you'll meet. And she'll love you because you are unique and beautiful to her too.

She's a very genuine person. She knows what she believes and won't compromise her belief system. Above all she loves her friends -- even more than herself -- and would truly do anything she could for them. She's creative, talented, and seems to really love living life. She's one of those people who is truly alive. What I really respect about her is that she still loves despite being hurt and cares even though she knows it could end up sad.
You remind me of Luna from Harry Potter (the books). Like Luna, you're a free spirit and earth wanderer. You accept people where they are, as they are. You're open minded, don't feel the need to confine yourself to any box, and give all you have to your friends. You don't mind if you're the only one who believes in something, because, if you believe, it doesn't really matter. (here)

Belenen is a beautiful person with an amazing respect and connection with her spirituality that DEMANDS admiration from anyone she meets, even if they do not believe in the same Faith. She is incredibly sweet with nothing but good intentions and just quirky! She's a fantastic person to know. She and I have very different viewpoints on a lot of things... but get along just fine, hehe, she's a very, very genuine person who is completely comfortable naked in front of the world... really... she is so OPEN and honest and doesn't care who does or doesn't like it. She has a really interesting perspective on a lot of things, and since she is different from me in so many ways, those different perspectives really make me... well... think and reconsider MY opinions on certain subjects... In short, there's not a bad word I could say about her, muhaha, I care for her veeeery much :) :) :)

She's someone who wants to live life fully. Very interesting and vibrant. She's a very sensory person. Very spiritual, in that her spirit is very alive and attuned to what's going on around her. Belenen is extremely creative and talented. She writes interesting things and makes beautiful jewelry. She's very in touch with the spiritual side of life and other people's spirits and very passionate. She's also gorgeous. I encourage you all to go to her journal and check out her jewelry website and her modeling pages.

young and naive,
honest in trying to find herself and the meaning of her existence
well intentioned
a heart of gold.

Belenen is one of the nicest people I have ever met. She is generous, kind, not too terribly outspoken, but she will speak her mind. She is very set in her beliefs and is not afraid to defend them. She is there for people when they need her. She offers good advice and is the sweetest person. Not to mention she's drop dead gorgeous and still doesn't care about looks. :)

She has confidence that I could only dream of having and a great amount of faith, not only in God but in the people around her which is wonderful. She seems truly happy to be around friends. Though, I think sometimes she's too self-critical. She's a wonderful person, and needs to realize it ^_^

To paraphrase... someone famous (I think), Belenen is a puzzle within a mystery, wrapped in an enigma. I don't know that much about her because she is constantly finding out new stuff herself. She doesn't hesitate to back down from what she thinks she should do, and speaking her mind comes naturally. (The sex posts are a little outside the box, but just another one of her many sides.)

Belenen is a very intriguing person, kind-hearted and intelligent, and also very talented. She's attractive and has an eye for beauty in different forms. She is uniquely creative and has little difficulty expressing herself, which I admire. Overall it's a pleasure to know someone like her and I'd recommend her to a friend. ;)

Well, I just met Belenen but right off the bat she seemed like a person I'd like to know. She's very sweet and friendly. I met her in another journal where she had posted some pretty pictures and I just had to see what her personal journal was like. Some people just ignore strangers when they wander into their personal journals but Belenen was very welcoming when I made my introduction. So, I think that if you ever have the chance you should say hello to her. She's well worth meeting!

--Belenen is a wonderful person. She's the only person I know who could be relied on to see the best in people, and to care. She does not prejudge, she is open-minded. Has a strong sense of what is right. Sometimes she doubts, and she doesn't like that; she likes to feel strongly about things and to have faith. I love her because she is so kind and because she is open-minded and will see other views, she is not blind. She has not stopped, she keeps moving, making progress. Her life is a staircase she climbs, not just a moving walkway to stand still on from birth to death.
--She's the girl I painted, she's from America. Well, she's very religious. Christianity type of religious, but she doesn't think homosexuality is wrong and things like that. She isn't all conservative. I think she thinks things through and makes her own morals. She would probably think more about them if it was suggested she hadn't taken everything into account. I don't think her mind would be clouded so much by what others think, or how things should be. Except for killing, things like that. She's too real-thinking and compassionate for that. I'm not sure, I haven't really discussed anything with her, I can't tell how she would think. How far you could go before you encountered the shut doors in her mind. It'd be interesting. She's the most open-minded person I've met so far anyway (except you, because you are my imaginary best friend, so you are brilliant). Generous and kind too. That's why I called her compassionate, and think maybe she would not be able to look at things with an empty mind. Too passionate, too caring. That's not bad though. Helluva lot better than the ones who don't care. Evil geniuses. If genious was like fungus then more than one genius would be genii, and thats completely different. Weird, eh. Anyway. Yes. I like her. Not sure what I think of God, but she hasn't told me I'll go to hell for not believing and she wouldn't go thinking the church was right and brilliant if it went killing people, or anything like that. It's not bad religiousness. She isn't one of those types who sacrifice themselves completely for others either, she's very focussed on herself. Not in a selfish way though. Most of her endevours are for self-improvement and enjoyment rather than to help the world at large. You know, she'll help people in trouble, and care about them, and wouldn't put her own pleasure always higher than others. She is capable of self sacrifice. Pretty well balanced between the two really. Well, you know, you meet so many people in life and you realise that the nice ones are much rarer than you think. She is a good person. There should be more like her.

Bel is a spiritual, artistic creature. She carries that rare combination of physical beauty and intellect. She seems pretty cool. And definitely unique.

passionate. not necessarily about the things the word "passionate" is stuck to...but the person who, when she dives in, does so totally and gains unique insight and facility with what she dove into.

like a crystal pipette, well-made, transparent, wondrous in reflection and fragile.

---Understand that I consider her one of the most fearless people on LJ, and one of the most honest with herself. She's given me so much to think about since we added each other early last year, and I am much richer for the experience - as is anyone who sees a person with a good heart. (from here)

I would describe her as a Finch....a small bird who's sometimes seems as if it's just learning to fly. It's still a bit skittish and cautious but also curious and willing to step out in hope of new discovery.

I think at times she lets the pains of her past over-influence the present. But at the same time I see that she is going through a healing process in which case then it is far from over-influenced. But if in a few years from now I expect to see that pass. (If it doesn't that'd be an unhealthy thing.) But I have much hope for her... I am glad Kim introduced us. I think she has a good heart. And that's a very sweet commodity in this day and age.

..someone who has passion. About what? Anything really. She's comfortable with herself and her image which always results to some sort of high self esteem which is great for one's being.
Although, sometimes it seems like she's fragile in some areas such as letting the little things bother. She can be quite a lady with strength, but nonetheless, passionate.
A sweet gentle soul is how I portray this young lady. :]

Damaged, but determined to heal. Incredibly honest, open and willing to make the first move in bonding-a rare and beautiful thing for the type of suffering she went through. Pleasantly faithful. Overemotional. Inquisitive. Creative.

above all she's deliberately honest and open, just like her journal profile says she means to be. she's very pretty, very artistic and articulate. she's probably the first serious christian I've met who openly acknowledges sexuality, and free will and thought, which is refreshing as (pardon me) hell. she'd be really interesting to debate comparative religion with. and if she cuts her hair short I'll cry. :-p I haven't 'known' her long, but from her devotion to/from her friends, I'd say she'd be a good friend to have.

intelligent, creative, brave, strong, honest, hopeful, beautiful, sensual, articulate, compassionate, spiritual, inspiring... she sees the beauty in things and people that may be overlooked by others, and I think she underestimates her own strength.

belenen is inspired

Very open, intelligent, perceptive, and definitely not hard on the eyes either.

Belenen is beautiful, intelligent, enthralling, strong, trusting, opinionated, self mutilating (emotionally not physically), vivid violet ;0), valuable, honest and above all Belenen is sweet/caring.

You are honest, beautiful, afraid, loving, creative, expressive, and ever-evolving... a PURE child. The world would be a much better place if we all saw the world through the eyes/heart of a child.

Someone I'm for sure going to have my children meet while they are still growing up. Even my little boys, but especially my little girls.

I want my little girls (whenever I have some) to meet Bel for several reasons. For one, she is stunningly gorgeous. Her spirit, her beautiful spirit, seeps through her eyes, finger tips, entire being, especially when she is happy. I don't think she could squelch it if she wanted to.

She is confidant (even if she doesn't know it yet) - about sharing her mind, about her body, about who she is as a person. She is strong in her beliefs, she is strong in her faith.

She is Trustworthy. She says what she means and attempts to mean everything she says.

Anywho, I think if I had met Bel as her full Woman self when I was a child, it would have greatly inspired me to be a better person. I would have gone from viewing myself as a pudgy little child (which was more often than not a mere illusion) to seeing myself as a beautiful person. Because part of Bel's talent, whether she's aware of it or not, is making you feel more beautiful, more trustworthy, more comfortable, smarter, stronger, just... more whenever she's around you. And you know she'll go places and do things, and your life will have been better for having known her for just the short amount of time that you knew her.

Belenen is artistic, introspective, intelligent, and independent.

Belenen is the kind of person who is so full of life that it just bubbles out into those around her. Confident and vulnerable at the same time she is both womanly and wise. She is not afraid to speak her mind and stick to it. She has an unfailing love for God and a faith that seems to creep into every bit of her life, as it should. Her unique grasp of herself and the world around her is purely based on a life of hardships and a strength from within and from Jesus. She can make you smile from 100's of miles away.

Bel is a passionate, compassionate person who respects others feelings. she's open minded and supportive in nature. she tries her best to be as honest with herself as others. and through all she has been through, she is committed to achieving a true soul of love, hope, and life. and she has a husband who loves her dearly. :)

she finds solace, usually, in her christian faith and turns to god for support. *and doesnt yell at me for not believing in the same :)* hehe.

she writes beautifully and brutally to confide the thoughts of her own mind. she's a model and is drop dead gorgeous. *i never did understand that phrase, but tis a compliment :) *

i think the biggest difference between me and bel is our religious support system. but i think we are both optimistic and supported in our own ways. sometimes, i admit, she is a bit flakey. but i love that about her. *dont take offense:)*....but i probably get that impression because of the continuous soul searching....which stems our biggest difference, spirituality.

oh! and she makes very pretty jewelery too! i love reading her entries and dont nearly have enough time to comment as much as id like. but im glad she lets me in her life.

Belenen is the type of person I never thought existed. Someone with her honesty and integrity is rare, and a true diamond in the rough. I can really relate to her on a level most people don't understand. I think this is because she is so willing to be so transparent while other people run and hide on the inside showing only a facade and dim reflection of who they really are. Belenen is beautiful inside and out, and friending her is a true blessing.

I have a little confession to make, and I hope you won't think me stalker-esque for it...I read your livejournal sometimes, it is one of the most entertaining and thought provoking and interesting ones I've ever read.
I can't say that I know her all that well. I've been reading her livejournal for a little while though, and I get a few impressions. First of all, she's very genuine. I think I want to use the word organic, but I'm not sure if that makes sense. She is who she is and you can take her or leave her, but you'd be a fool to leave her. She seems to have a very "make the best of things" attitude. She lets herself feel whatever she's feeling without judging her own emotions too harshly. She just wants to give of herself until she has nothing left. She is beautiful.

I think that if we were to ever hang out I wouldn't have a problem talking to you about stuff. I don't find you that kind of person to make judgement, assumptions or think less of another.
i like how articulate you are. a lot of times you point out things that i think about but just cant put into words. and also you are a very understanding person. you are the only one i know that i know for sure would actually stop and try to understand someone before actually saying a word. -- from (here)

sometimes nekkid
sometimes broken

open, honest, kind, beautiful, accepting, loving, nurturing, natural, real, thoughtful, expressive, profound...

Belenen is a sweetheart, open-minded, free-spirited, fun, yet knows when to be serious. She's a very spirtual person and firm in her opinions and beliefs but will not try to enforce them on to you if you disagree. She is a supergenius within but won't throw her intellect in your face (unless the situation calls for it). She values friendship and is passionate in all that she does. She's not a afriad to be herself and in a world full of fake people you couldn't ask for anything more.

There's this girl on my flist- I can't say I know her too well because I met her only very recently, but she's really nice. She's also a model and she is absolutely beautiful. I hope to get to know her better.

Belenen? shes a beautiful, creative girl. You can tell she's been through a lot and is really trying to work through it, but its a long hard process and its difficult to watch her struggle through it. I honestly think she and i are a lot alike in ways most people wouldnt understand. I'd love to meet her in person someday, but I think we might not get along well... I'd be jealous of her beauty and her "in your face" spirit... I would cower and smile politely... probably being grumpy in my head that *I* dont demand the rooms attention as well as she does.
Sometimes I want to break down and tell her everything, and have her do the same with me, because we could both listen and care and provide support for each other, but sometimes I'm afraid of her because she's fragile, and i can be harsh in my honesty, I hate to hurt people.
Truthfully a beautiful spirit, a person in progress, and a wonderful being.

She seems very grounded in herself, a person who looks for relationships at a deeper level than most, like myself. She certainly has an eye for beauty and an exquisitely gorgeous body. She is open and kind and generous, and I would say, ever-hopeful, even when something not-so-nice happens.

Belenen is... well, she's beautiful. She's so confident it's almost intimidating. She doesn't let what other people think she should be influence who or what she is. She has inspired me to love myself without question, and to see the beauty in others.

Oh yeah, that Belenen girl is pretty cool! She runs a really great community on LJ -- she's honest, loving, giving -- she is simply a good person, and that's the thing I like about her - You can tell that being A Good Person matters to her. She needs more love in her life friendship-wise, but everyone she comes into contact with is welcome and respected. Anyway, I really admire her.

Despite not knowing her for long, I'd say that Belenen is pretty much an open book - what you see is what you get. Confident, spiritual and perhaps a little too over-analytical. Definitely a good soul (=

She is a very open artist, a clever woman that writes very long and very deep comments about life, about friendship and about love, her creativity is always working.

She is strong, and is always fighting, she always shows her feelings in an open and detailed way, she has "truth" as a law to her life.

She is an incredibly loving, spiritual person who is always willing to make time for others. She's intelligent and has strong views she will stick by through thick and thin. She takes her relationships with those she cares for seriously and makes working to improve them a priority. She also makes time for self-care and working to improve herself. She's an overall great person.

Belenen is the soul of every womans inner goddess that is crying to be let out. She is a rare truth seeking gem, not afraid to be herself and longs to bring out the inner beauty in those around her. If I could possess only a fraction of her courage, conviction, and deep, sincere love for others in my lifetime then I would be an accomplished woman.

Belenen is: beautiful, honest, true, real and demanding in the way that a true person should be. She teaches with her words and inspires me to be the true woman that I know I can be.

So rarely you find a person who is beautiful both on the inside and on the outside, and I am honoured to be her friend. I love her creativity, and free spirit-ness, and I can't wait until we meet someday. I want to show her my faeries :-) (from here)

belenen lives her life much like I wish I could. I aspire to be that open and free and honest....maybe one day. So much strength, goodness, beauty and truth all in one person.

belenen, I am so happy that we are friends. I find your insight and your connection to the inner light to be so inspirational. I think you are one of the most open, connected, full-of-love people I have ever encountered! It is like you are aware of a whole other plane of existence that most of us cannot find the entrance to. It's so beautiful!

You make my day because you are such an overwhelmingly positive person! You are always looking at the bright side of things, and even when you do feel down, you try to find a lesson in it, and use it to your advantage. You have introduced me to so many new concepts, and I enjoy learning new things from your posts. Plus, FEMINISM. It makes me so happy to be around other feminists and to know that others feel the way I feel. Also, you are just plain gorgeous, and I love your picture posts as well. :)

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from comments here, here, here and here (and here, anar_anar's journal here, darkpool's journal here, sunshinepill's journal here, maladroitkat's journal here, meganlynnangela's comment here, cherrywindex's comment here, v_willendorf's journal here, jendaby's journal here, & austentatious's journal here)

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