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fun with Del! / earrings sent! / new purse / coffeehouse couch

I thunked myself onto the floor this morning (at 12:45) in order to wake up and go out with jedibubbles. She and nikare are officially an item, so she was even more delightful to be around, if that's possible. Giddy girl. ;-) And I do approve of Joe, mainly because Ben likes him, and Ben is so freakin' picky about people he will associate with (in case you didn't know, Del, you rate as an associate too). But Joe's cool in his own right, even if he is a somewhat cryptic guy who tends to resist my attempts to understand him -- he's frickinilarous.

And I got everybody's earrings finally sent off today (except you peoples that I mean to see soon) 'cause Del took me by the post office. I had had them finished for a while, but ran out of money 'cause of Christmas and couldn't buy more stamps. So anyway, I'm sorry they're late, but they are now on their way! Please do drop me a comment (or post, if you so desire) when you get them, so that I can be pleased that they made it.

So, Del and I went first to the post office; then to El Ranchero (again, 'cause she didn't have a preference and *gasp* I did); then to Hobby Lobby, where we spent the requisite hour and then some (and she spent some of the gift card that nikare gave her -- brilliant man that he is); then to Target and Wal-Mart in search of new purses (I know, scandelous -- but Target usually has better 'luxury' items. Target's for those who like to spend, Wal-Mart is for those who like to save. Ironically, it was at Wal-Mart that we both located our quarry) 'cause her current purse had the word "single" embroidered on it... and she ain't single no more. I was just bored with mine -- I'd had it for a year, and it was boring black leather to begin with.

So here's my daring new purse: Free Image Hosting at
It's actually a bit more plum than that, unfortunately -- I like the way the flash gave it more of a violet tint. At first glance, I was really put off by the zebra stripes -- too punky for my taste... but the purple won out, and now I've decided that with me carrying it, it won't look punky, just weird. I'm quite fascinated with it really. And I got a funky purple leather wallet to go with it. So exciting! (how girly of me)

Then we ingested some junk food and went to the local coffeehouse for a lovely chat about our fantasy worlds on that bizarre green flocked? fuzzed? couch. I'm very fond of that couch now, and I've only rested my pretty posterior on it about 8 times total.

And Del took my crimson swirly skirt to waistband for me -- YAY! Oh, and Ben did the laundry while I was out partying -- how awesome is that? (I folded/hung them afterwards though, a good compromise I think)
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