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kitty maybe? / my name

While I was working today, I checked out a lady who was buying kitty litter. Since I strive to liven my day with random snippets of conversation with strangers, I asked her what kind of cat(s) she had, and she laughed and said, "every kind, our cat just had kittens -- do you want one?" I told her that I did, but had to convince my husband... and she gave me her phone number.

So tonight I asked Ben about it, and he said he's willing to try living with a cat despite his asthma (he's done it before, after all) as long as I'm willing to give the kitten up if after a week or two the asthma is unbearable. And I am (though I know I'd cry and cry).

So, tomorrow I'm going to call the lady and arrange to go look at the kittens and see which one chooses me. I'm hoping that the black one happens to be that one (they have one black and the others are tabby) but whatevah.

I'm trying not to get my hopes too high, even though this all seems very God... I may be misinterpreting things. I want a kitten SO badly.


And since you are probably all mentally mispronouncing it, my name is pronounced BEL-len-en. (all short e's)
NOT bel-LEN-en or ben-el-en or blen-en.
Tags: destined happenings, kanika

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