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The Edhelekharo

Well, the Tallran won out, but they are descendents of both Edhelekharo and Feanen, so I'm going to explain those two races first.

The Edhelekharo

The Edhelekharo are my 'golden elves' -- tall, slender, and graceful; the females have small breasts and the males have narrow shoulders. Their skin varies from coffee-and-cream to deep mocha, they have thick, coarse, straight golden hair (which grows more metallic with age), and their eyes vary from pale pale lemon to honey. Their faces are very sharp-featured, always with a pointed jawline, a flat, wide nose, and high cheekbones. Their eyes are very catlike: somewhat like this drawing (although I drew that years and years ago and it's hideous) -- large and round, with vertical pupils. They have small, sharp-edged, flat lips, and of course the long, pointed ears.

Extreme reservation is a mark of Edheledian culture. It would be a scandal to gasp in public -- even if you learned that your spouse just died. Their primary motivation is the preservation of their knowledge and culture, so they focus on learning and keeping the ways of old, and are highly suspicious of differences. They have many levels of classes, mainly defined by the reputation each family has for keeping tradition, and how learned that family is on average. Literacy is incredibly high -- if you can't read, you will be shunned as non-elvish. I really don't like them very much, but they do create beautiful music (as it is tradition for each person to create a new song every eleven days, to sing at the gathering) and art (as it is tradition to wear incredibly elaborate jewelry and clothing). The Edhelekharo love deeply, but generally they can only express this through music/art because in any other form displaying emotion is considered disgusting and incredibly rude.

Due to their intensity of passion for knowledge and propriety, the Edhelekharo tend to see the other races as childish at best, animalistic at worst. Intermarrying happens among the Edhelekharo and Duni (human-types) for biological reasons, but when it happens, the Duni marries into the Edhelekharo culture and sheds all of his/her culture -- or the couple is put out of Edheledian society.

They're incredibly beautiful, very kindhearted, gentle, and generous -- just rather condescending to other races and very judgemental of their own.


Please do tell me any questions that you had, so that I'll have ideas on what needs more development.
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