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allison's leaving / note to Joe

I didn't know why I was depressed yesterday and today, until I asked God and he said it's mainly because jedibubbles is going back to FL, and then I realized that I got depressed when I read nikare's post and it sank in that she's leaving. So, I don't feel better yet, but at least I'm only sad and not depressed/confused.

I feel like on this visit we bonded so much more than usual -- partly because we spent the better part of two days together, but mostly I think because she has opened up more. We didn't even have any long, deep conversations (*SHOCK*) because I didn't want to push. I wanted to take it easy and let her open up at her own speed, and it turned out to be very encouraging.

And nikare, please be serious for a moment as you read this: Thank you. You've helped build Allison's trust, and you have no idea how incredibly grateful I am. However, you hurt her and I will kill you. Not in a nice way either. I will feed your entrails to dogs after I skin you alive. That said, let me add that I believe that you are a fantastic, very loving and generous person, and will of course never hurt my girl. I just had to slip the little threat in because I'm feeling all big-sister protective right now.
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