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marriage series / restinghugs

We actually got up early and went to church this morning (well, 11:00 is early for us, we went to the 12:00 service), and PJ gave us what I think is his best sermon so far, on marriage and how people have twisted the Bible to make it seem like God wants women to be subservient. When they get this sermon uploaded to the web I'll post the link -- it just clears up all that shit and explains what God really wants, totally debunking the idea that God wants the husband to make the decisions and the wife to shut up and obey.


Later on, Ben and I laid on the couch together and just cuddled for at least 1.5 hours.... it was so beautiful to me. When I went to work later it was all I could think about, and all I wanted to do was go home and lay on the couch with Ben again. It meant so much to me -- I wish I could express it. All of my senses were just drunk, it was as if I was smelling and tasting and hearing and touching his spirit, and he was caressing mine.

If I got a dose of that everyday, what a phenominal person I would be!

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