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who am I?

me trying to explain who I am:

I'm a 21-year-old woman with a near-perfect husband and no kids (for a good while, hopefully). If I defined myself by my experiences, I could tell you that I am a dairy goat farmer, nanny, chaffeur, model, sexual abuse survivor, wife, dancer, friend, prophetess, writer, kayaker, horseback rider, etc. But I don't define myself with my experiences... I define myself with my characteristics. I consider myself to be very passionate, honest, open-minded, compassionate, curious, and artistic -- also frustratingly impatient, and unfortunately I can be rather self-centered, and occasionally I will stomp on people's feelings by stating my preferences in a way that makes it seem like I devalue theirs. I do value other's preferences as well as my own, but sometimes it doesn't seem that way. I live my life as passionately as I can, which means I am usually on a delightful high or an unhappy slump -- hardly ever neutral. I'd say that I'm happy 70% of the time, depressed 25%, and neutral 5%.

That's where I ran out of ideas.

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