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the hook-up.

Here are my recommendations for who you guys should friend (don't have a suggestion for everybody, 'cause not all of you have a match on my list):

any who love sci-fi/fantasy -- __fantasynovel -- I created and maintain that community, the people there are all awesome.
again if you love sci-fi/fantasy, friend limyaael, she posts the awesomest rants on how (not) to write fantasy.
You can all add vividviolet if you want -- it's my rarely-updated prayer journal.
And you can all add my husband's LJ, sciethen. I'm trying to get him to update more often, and he's actually leaning toward doing it.


amazedcreation, darkpool and smurfb1ue, you'll all enjoy reading each other, since you all are non-traditional passionate Christians.

darkpool and moody_godess, you're both in the healthcare field and might like each other.

_displaced_, brandelyn, and __annabelle__, you'll like each other because you're all addicted to self-photography and very good at it. ;-)

eternitywaiting and kmiotutsie, I think you'll like each other because you each remind me of the other; you seem to have a similar way of looking at life.

jedibubbles and aubkabob, one of you is my glee-buddy in RL and the other is my glee-buddy here on LJ; also you both are way passionate about fantasy/sci-fi (more than me even) and I bet you'd have some killer commentations.

writer_lilies and shaybe, you guys have similar attitudes of writing and you both have a slightly-cynical-yet-still-believing faith, so I think you'd click.

mental_coercion and sunshinepill, you are both passionate women waaaay ahead of others your age -- you can commiserate.

maladroitkat and synisterchyck, I may be way off here but I think you'd enjoy each other's writing styles.

cethlynn and alariya you're both sweethearts and hippy (well, sorta) chicks, and I bet you'd adore each other.

misemifein2 and anar_anar, you're both very interested in morality, but from a non-religious standpoint -- you're both deists, I think, but one of you may not have defined it that way. You'd agree on a lot of philosophical stuffs.

nikare and theanonymousx, you have a very similar sense of humor and would probably laugh your heads off at each other.

And I'm gonna be offended if you don't at least test-friend each other.

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