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kitty MINE!!!!!!!!!!! joyjoyhappinessDELIGHT!!!!!!!!!

I have a kitten! Oh she's so wonderful! I'm so happy and excited! I've wanted a kitty for years now, and I've finally got one! And she's very unique.

She's black all over except for a few white hairs on her chest and one white spot on her lower belly; I can't tell what color her eyes are going to be yet, as they've just begun to change from baby blue -- I'm hoping for green but I think they might end up being gold. She'll be beautiful either way.

Ben and I picked her up today despite the yucky weather, and boy did she freak out when I ran out into the rain! I tried to shield her, but it was obviously very scary to her -- she scatched my chest up a little bit (but it's already nearly healed). After we were in the car for a few minutes she stopped being so frantic, but was still stressed out. When we got home I sat down on the couch with her and she tried to crawl behind my back and bury herself, poor baby. I had rearranged the furniture last night, placing a fabric-draped side table in the corner for her to hide under, so I put her under there for a bit while I set up her litter box, etc. When I came back and reached under to pet her, she started purring! She has the loudest purr I've ever heard in a kitten, possibly the loudest purr of any cat I've heard.

Now I know it's been quite a while since I had a kitten, but I don't remember my previous kitties being so friendly and intelligent! She's fallen in love with me at least as much as I'm in love with her, and so quickly! After about an hour, she already was arching her back when I pet her (I know Seoman didn't do that) and purring every time I picked her up. She'll be playful for a bit, and then suddenly she'll mew and come running over and jump on my pants (yes, my leg is scratched, but I care not) and I'll put her in my lap... and she cuddles so adorably! I was reading my friends page and typing comments with one hand because she had tucked both of her front paws and her face into my other hand, and I just couldn't pull it away. (She watches the screen, too, and wants to chase the cursor.)

She already comes when I call, and I haven't even found a name for her yet! I want to either follow my trend of naming pets after book characters or name her something egyptian. Dammit -- I was going to name her after the protagonist in "Biting The Sun" by Tanith Lee, so I googled it and discovered/realized that she never has a name in that book! Ironic, ain't it?

Possible names:
Lilune (dark-haired protagonist of a Tanith Lee novel),
Nephthys (goddess of night (and death)),
Qetesh (adopted goddess of love and beauty),
Kanika (egyptian, meaning black),
Akila (egyptian, meaning intelligent),
Kiara (gaelic, meaning small and dark),
Kiana (hawaiian, meaning 'goddess of the moon')
...and Nox.

I really want her name to start with a K or L.

hlep me name her...

Why can't I think of a name? Maybe I'll create one....
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