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kitty MINE!!!!!!!!!!! joyjoyhappinessDELIGHT!!!!!!!!!

I have a kitten! Oh she's so wonderful! I'm so happy and excited! I've wanted a kitty for years now, and I've finally got one! And she's very unique.

She's black all over except for a few white hairs on her chest and one white spot on her lower belly; I can't tell what color her eyes are going to be yet, as they've just begun to change from baby blue -- I'm hoping for green but I think they might end up being gold. She'll be beautiful either way.

Ben and I picked her up today despite the yucky weather, and boy did she freak out when I ran out into the rain! I tried to shield her, but it was obviously very scary to her -- she scatched my chest up a little bit (but it's already nearly healed). After we were in the car for a few minutes she stopped being so frantic, but was still stressed out. When we got home I sat down on the couch with her and she tried to crawl behind my back and bury herself, poor baby. I had rearranged the furniture last night, placing a fabric-draped side table in the corner for her to hide under, so I put her under there for a bit while I set up her litter box, etc. When I came back and reached under to pet her, she started purring! She has the loudest purr I've ever heard in a kitten, possibly the loudest purr of any cat I've heard.

Now I know it's been quite a while since I had a kitten, but I don't remember my previous kitties being so friendly and intelligent! She's fallen in love with me at least as much as I'm in love with her, and so quickly! After about an hour, she already was arching her back when I pet her (I know Seoman didn't do that) and purring every time I picked her up. She'll be playful for a bit, and then suddenly she'll mew and come running over and jump on my pants (yes, my leg is scratched, but I care not) and I'll put her in my lap... and she cuddles so adorably! I was reading my friends page and typing comments with one hand because she had tucked both of her front paws and her face into my other hand, and I just couldn't pull it away. (She watches the screen, too, and wants to chase the cursor.)

She already comes when I call, and I haven't even found a name for her yet! I want to either follow my trend of naming pets after book characters or name her something egyptian. Dammit -- I was going to name her after the protagonist in "Biting The Sun" by Tanith Lee, so I googled it and discovered/realized that she never has a name in that book! Ironic, ain't it?

Possible names:
Lilune (dark-haired protagonist of a Tanith Lee novel),
Nephthys (goddess of night (and death)),
Qetesh (adopted goddess of love and beauty),
Kanika (egyptian, meaning black),
Akila (egyptian, meaning intelligent),
Kiara (gaelic, meaning small and dark),
Kiana (hawaiian, meaning 'goddess of the moon')
...and Nox.

I really want her name to start with a K or L.

hlep me name her...

Why can't I think of a name? Maybe I'll create one....

feelings: ecstatic
sounds: Jewel: "Deep Water"

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theanonymousx ══╣╠══
w00t kitty!!!
I tried this before, but I fluxed up on the lining up on the categories.
Kuroi is the japanese word for 'black' and 'Neko' is the japanese word for 'cat.' If I ever had a black cat, I'd name it Kuroi Neko, since that just sounds kewl as 'ell. Also, you could go with something like Kowaii Neko (where "Kowaii" is 'cute').

Pictures, man! We need kitty pictures!
apollo and herc
maladroitkat ══╣apollo and herc╠══
I like Kiana, Kiara, and Kanika. :-)

Post pictures soon! I'd like to see the kitty.
kmiotutsie ══╣╠══
my kitty's formal name is nepthys; we never call her that, but it's the "legal" name we gave her. we call her ozy. my neice's name is kiara. i voted in your poll, imho you should create a name for her =)
emptywineglass ══╣╠══
I think that kind of coloring is called tuxedo. And it's very rare.

I just got a new kitten a few weeks ago too! I named my kitty Starla and she's siamese. :)
stellarness_ ══╣╠══
k? kitty then? :P lol sorry, i'm not in a creative mood now :P it shows, lol

your kitty sounds cute! piccies!
mabels ══╣╠══
I so wish I could have my own kitty...all my friend are getting them and it makes me so much sadder knowing I cant ever own one...unless the rexes really ARE hypoallergetic.

Anyways my families cat is Kiwi Katisha Piddysing Sha-na-na-na-na
Kiwi for short...mom calls her the baby too...but i dislike calling animals (or grown ups) "baby"

Yes, that is her full name. She is a Siamese (if you remeber her pictures I posted)

Our dashhund is: Augustus Thinknoddle the Furf. Auggie for short.
jedibubbles ══╣╠══
WAH! Such envy! I want a cat that rockin'!
marlianna ══╣╠══
she sounds like our cat whom we named butterscotch, that we got a couple weeks ago, however i like Kiana , its a distinctive sound that if she hears it enough she'll probably remember it too. :)
esie ══╣╠══
I like Lilune and not just as it was top of the list, it sounds moon like and the white kitty has it like the moon and stars. Afraid to say I've never ever seen Ciara spelt with a 'K', it's my nieces name and I'm a Siobhán, with an Irish father I'm afraid it may have become altered since leaving Irish coasts, can't be sure about the Scots (but who can ;-)), boy the spellings of that I've seen.
So glad you are thrilled with your feline though, they are the most bewitching creatures, I've 4 last count
princesskisses ══╣╠══
aaww, she sounds adorable! I love the sweet ones lol post pics soon! <3 congrats on your new baby girl, goodluck naming her d=)
shespoke ══╣╠══
i have a very similar looking cat. except it's a he, and it's pure black except for four hairs on his body that are grayish/white (but not located in the same area). his name is winston. i didn't get to pick the name for him, since we got him for my mom to cheer her up and help keep her company when we couldn't be home since she was going through cancer at the time. anyway, i think it's cool that you want to name your cat something that has a cool name behind it. i voted for kiara...but that's just me. <3
mental_coercion ══╣╠══
Awwww Lovely! She sounds adorable, I'm happy for you - I had a kitten exactly the same once, black with the white on its belly. I miss him... I named him Clyde. I like the name Kiara... but it'd be good for you to create a name for her ;)
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Expect to find curse words, nudity, (occasionally explicit) talk of sex, and angry ranting, but NEVER slurs or sexually violent language. I use TW when I am aware of the need and on request.