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photos of Kanika

yes, her name has been decided... I was vacillating between Kiara, Akila, and Kanika -- but finally decided that Kanika suits her best. Kiara reminds me too much of The Lion King 2 (yes, I did watch it, and not because I was babysitting either) and Alika just seems too sedate for miss crazykitty.

I present to you Her Cuteness:
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"Whoa, blinded!"
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"There she goes with that flashy thing again."
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RAWR! // Ben makes a great chew toy... // aww, cuddles. ;-)
(doesn't Ben have gorgeous hands? Ahh, guitarist fingers...)

I tried and tried to get a photo of Kanika sitting on my shoulders (I'm training her to do it, cause it's just so awesome, and that way later on we can go for walks together), but every time I went into the bathroom to shoot using the mirror, she got distracted by the medicine cabinet mirror and climbed down my arm to look closer. Vain little thing!
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