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Kanika! / show me your lovely face! *poll (comment)*

Kanika is so freaking adorable! She's not actually the cutest kitten as far as looks go (I'm thinking she's in a scruffy in-between stage right now) but she's definitely got the best personality. She loves to play, but loves to cuddle about the same amount! And sitting in my lap with me petting her one-handed isn't good enough -- if I'm trying to read LJ she will climb up my shirt to make me look at her face if she feels especially snuggly. And after the past few days of me putting her on my shoulder, she has decided that she likes it there, and will purr and hug her face into my neck (as long as I stay sitting, that is -- she's still nervous about me walking around). She loves for me to hold her on my chest just under my chin (nice soft shelf there, heh) and will sleep there.

And she chases everything -- my hair (she takes the ties out of my braid, as I figured out after they mysteriously disappeared twice), her tail, my pants-legs, the cursor on the screen... We got her a catnip toy and tied a string to it so we can drag it for her to chase -- we were both laughing so hard today 'cause she kept jumping and falling over backwards, and doing all these crazy acrobatic leap/grabs for the toy which were unsuccessful half of the time. She never ever loses sight of the toy (or cursor) though, unlike most cats I've played with. (Since cats have rather poor vertical vision, an object can 'disappear' if it moves very quickly upward (and that's why nervous horses toss their heads -- they have rather poor horizontal vision. I think it has something to do with the shape of the pupil -- cats have vertical pupils and see well horizontally, horses have horizontal pupils and see well vertically))

Of course, I'm paying for all this kittenness in blood -- I'm covered in scratches. Not because she's bad-tempered, but because she hasn't figured out how to keep her balance without digging in her claws, and she keeps thinking she's off-balance when she's not. She'll figure it out and start trusting my ability/desire to keep her from falling pretty soon. Oh, but the leg-scratches are from her demanding to be in my lap, and climbing up my leg to get there. I'm not sure whether I want to train her out of that, because in a few weeks she'll be able to jump without having to climb, and I do want her to jump in my lap when she feels like it. I am training her to leave me alone sometimes, and she seems to be getting it.


Now pay 'tenchun! I want allllllll of you people who have been on my list for a good bit to post a photo of yourself in a comment. Those of you who have posted photos of yourself in the past, comment with the photo that you think best expresses you. If you need a free imagehost, go to imageshack.

and... Happy Birthday, eternitywaiting!!!
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