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I'm getting a tattoo under my right eye, probl'y in February for my b-day. I wanted to highlight my poc mark there, 'cause I think it's cool.

I used to say no tattoos 'cause then I couldn't give blood, but my veins are too small to give blood anyway. And then I was just plain scared of the pain, but Kaylene's been inked thrice, soon to be 4x, and she says it's not bad. (I have to come up with a nickname for her! It feels so formal to call her Kaylene every time. Even if she won't let me use it I can call her it in here) So I have courage, and someone to beat up if it IS bad.

I drew this and Ben painted it on with liquid eyeliner. It's very symbolic-- the wavy lines represent water, and combined with the long line they represent a dragonfly and a cross... Ben says the line that curves under the poc and down makes the poc look like a crying eye. As for the last line, I'm not so sure about it. I think I'm gonna experiment more have Del help me brainstorm! And the final lines will be thinner and smoother -- eyeliner has not the finesse of a needle-pen.

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