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some wonderings: real names / commenting methods

What would I do without my paid account? (this is locked so only I can see the answers 'cause of the first question)

Poll #426165 real names / commenting

what's the name you go by in person (not online)?

what is your commenting method?

I try to respond to everything, even if I'm just typing *huggles*
I comment whenever I'm intrigued by a post.
I comment whenever I have something that simply must be said; I usually contemplate but don't comment.
I only comment on picture posts.
I never comment.

I've been thinking on my own methods lately... I always read, often reflect, but rarely comment. Even if the post makes me stop and really consider, I might not comment. And then I realized that I love comments (except... the huggles ones) and probably everyone else does too, so even commenting that something made me laugh out loud would probably brighten someone's moment, at least, and is therefore worth doing. But I have yet to really implement this philosophy; I think the only way I'll be able to do it is if I determine that I will respond to every post, and then allow myself to make exceptions for some that I really have no thoughts on.
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