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dream (dancing joyously with complete abandon)

This does not sound so wonderful in words, but it was one of the best dreams I've ever had...

I dreamt that I was in a clearing in the woods, a decent-sized oval of luscious, soft, uncut, ankle-length grass, enjoying the sunlight from the edge of the circle... when all of a sudden sprinklers (such a mundane word!) began spouting droplets of water all over the grass, and it was so beautiful that I shouted for joy, and ran shrieking with delight in the flung water, taking in simultaneously the tiny rainbows in the air, the gentle touch of sunlight, the soft, playful crush of grass under my feet, the refreshing myriad shocks of water drops, and (the thing I remember most vividly) the gleaming of light on the water-covered grass blades. It was as if someone had turned on all of my senses at full blast, and then played on them with the lightest of touches. I was so incredibly happy and fullfilled and taking in so much delight that I almost cried, almost, but the amount of sensation was just enough without quite being overwhelming, so I could enjoy it completely.

I danced with such abandon -- even in my wildest moments I've never danced like that on this earth. I did not care about anything at all, I was totally swept up in the moment.

Aside from going to my world, that was the most wonderful dream I've ever had. And if those were true and not dreams, then this was the most wonderful dream I've ever had.
Tags: dancing, dreams, dreams more real than waking

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