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taking Kaylene to see her grandfather in the nursing home / soon we move in together!

Yesterday was kind of a good day. Very busy.

      Kaylene's grandfather (the only one in her life who ever allowed her to be a child) is on his deathbed. So Ben and I got up early and took our cars in for checkups, then picked her up and drove her to see him. (he's in a hospital about an hour from her house, and she doesn't have her car yet) After we arrived, she went in and we waited in the car. She was with him for a pretty long while, and when she came out, I got out of the car and went to meet her. We didn't say anything, I just held her and she cried. My heart ached with her loneliness. I think she has peace with the idea of it being the right time, but she's already missing him so much. I'm so glad we were able to take her to see him.

      Then we went to see Ellen and John's house... The location was better than I thought, the house is great and the room is the size of my room now (aka HUGE). All for 350/month. And Kaylene's going to be in the other room! y'know how I was sad about missing out on dorm life???? God was listening!!!!! Now I get sex with the most awesome sexy husband AND I get to live with a sorority sister!!!!

      We were all three excited, though Kaylene's was a little subdued, of course. She's getting an awesome deal too -- her rent is only 175/month. And we have this place until at least June. Ellen and John are cool, too.

      After that, we dropped Kaylene at her work and went to meet with Phyllis and Jack to talk about the DISC stuff. That was cool, we are going to enjoy getting to know them. I think they have the second healthiest marriage I've seen. (after Ben's and mine)
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