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a response to my anti-racism page...

Most people give responses to my anti-racism page that may be taken as ignorant, but are headed in the right direction -- I don't know what possessed this guy to think that I'd add his very racist comments to the page. Here they are (and with just about the worst mistakes I've ever gotten, too):

"You limited dealings are steering your perception. [oh really? and have you ever lived with a minority family for a year or even had a long conversation with a minority?] Try living in a big city [I used to live in D.C. -- don't get much bigger than that] and you'll be eated alive. [eated, huh? Didn't know that cannibalism was such a problem in big cities, I'll have to watch out for that. Don't want some homeless guy gnawing on my leg.] You'll be a victim within minutes of stepping off the bus or train. [all I can do here is roll my eyes] I see it everyday. [then why don't you DO something about it? If you stand and watch you are every bit as evil as the one who does it.] Diversity would be great in a perfect world, but in reality, its destroying good neighborhoods. [You obviously don't understand diversity. Diversity means different races coexisting in a friendly manner -- and it is impossible for that to 'destroy good neighborhoods.'] I would love to cite examples here but it would take too long and leave you with no more webspace. [don't worry, you won't be using any of my webspace] This country has a long way to go in terms of equality. [the first truthful thing you've stated] Minorities first off, have to learn to not be so racist (and they are more racist than whites) and begin to not expect to be given everything. [oh yeah, that's right -- it's not your responsibility, it's the minorities' fault that whites are usually separatist and often supremist. You don't have to do anything but sit on your ass and rail against them for living in the same city, and they need to do something about racism.]"

No, dummy -- the more powerful one is supposed to make the first step in any kind of movement toward equality, or it won't work. Did he learn anything from what I wrote? NO. Because he is racist -- and the second-worst kind, the kind that thinks that he's being magnanimous by saying that "diversity would be great (but not in my world!)" The worst kind is of course the spiteful racists.


And today must be troll day, because I got this comment in my guestbook (from the same person? who knows):
Name: popshot
Date: Fri Feb 04 06:37:55 EST 2005
Thoughts: "This site is done pretty well, but your views are not based on reality and your artistic side needs to grow a good deal. Most real critics will call your work juvenile, while most will call it corny. I'm not trying to badmouth you in anyway, but you need to grow a little more before your art will be anything meaningful."

I replied: I am well aware that my paintings and drawings aren't terribly good -- and you're right, they are juvenile; even the most recent is over four years old. I included them in my website because they are a part of me. And quite frankly, yes you are 'trying to badmouth' me -- saying you aren't doesn't change that fact.


Anytime somebody says, "Not to be ________, but..." they're about to follow that with a _________ statement, whether it's racist or sexist or rude or whatever. What's disgusting is that we actually allow them to get away with it because of their false 'disclaimer' -- it makes it seem like you can't argue, when in actuality, their lie makes no difference to the truth.

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