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a birthday package in the mailbox!!!

I know I haven't responded to your comments or posts yet, but I will very soon. Right now I just have to say


because I checked the mail tonight after work, and there was a package for me! I delightedly squealed, "Yay! Kate's present is here!" Then I noticed that there were US flag stamps, and only three, and I thought that was weird (Kate aka misemifein2 lives in Scotland), so I looked closely at the return address, and it's from NIK! (aka eternitywaiting)!!!!!!!! Oh my freaking gosh! I felt so delightedly loved! And it's KILLING me not to open it yet! I have to wait until Sunday! (or midnight on Saturday, methinks, since I'll be working at my actual birth hour on Sunday) But WOW! I have absolutely the best friends ever. *grinning broadly* And I still get to look forward to a package from misemifein2! Getting anything that isn't bills or ads in the mail is always lovely, and when it's a birthday present from a friend, it's so way better.

And I have no freaking clue what it is! ARG! Yet I'm happy!
frustrated curiosity + glee = silly, frustrated happiness!

(dayum, I think that's more exclamation points in one post than I've ever used! So here's a few more for emphasis!!!)

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