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Valentines / Ashy fun / worry

Ben and I celebrate Valentines on the 13th, 'cause it's a much cooler number. He's done well -- looking forward to our version of 'steak and bj day' on March 13th, I bet. ;-)

He gave me the "True Women" dvd (Angelina Jolie) and the "Anti-trust" dvd (Ryan Phillippe) -- and "The Salmon of Doubt" by Douglas Adams. AND we went to my favorite Starbucks and chatted a bit with the guy that knows my favorite coffee by heart (I'm 95% sure his name is James). Oh yeah, and earlier Ben and I rustled the hay a bit quite thoroughly. And talked to God.

He's been just wonderful to me lately... it's like it's been my birthday every day since my birthday. And he says he still wants to get me a 'special' present (one that requires a sacrifice of either effort or money).


I get to see alariya tomorrow, which makes me happy and nervous. I decided to go for it with her -- it's just too stunning an offer to pass up, though I have a hard time believing that anyone could be so fascinated with me. I think she can convince me though. I am eager to see her watch "Playing By Heart."


Can't get that other person (the one I hurt) out of my head. No clue what to do about it. Been thinking about it nearly nonstop... about to get desperate, maybe.
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