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happy birthday to Kate!

Happy Birthday, clown_frog!!!

You are one of my favorite people. You're always making me laugh when you don't mean to, just because of your inherent cuteness! And you're a deep thinker -- many of your posts bend my mind delightfully and spark new ideas. But of course, the main reason I adore you is because you always seem to understand exactly what I'm trying to say, even when I'm not being very coherent. And you feel certain things the way I do, and the way most people don't (thoughts on nature and mass-production). And you're just such a delightfully unique person, quiet but passionate, reserved but not closed-off.

(your b-day present's going to be dreadfully late, I'm afraid, but I finally had some good ideas!) (yeah, I know the post's late too, sorry, I wasn't on LJ allllll daaaaaay)
Tags: birthday, kate, lj friends

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