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musical taste

wow. I totally didn't expect so many to say yes!

Maybe I should have warned you that my taste is very eclectic and unusual. I like stuff from Sergei Prokofiev (classical composer -- I used to put on a vinyl record of his and dance around in the living room when I was a kid) to Jewel to Metallica to Christina Aguilera (she's got an incredible voice and she writes her own (not-just-pop) music, so she qualifies as a true musician, thank you) to Nine Inch Nails and Goo Goo Dolls (using the famous examples to give you an idea (but there is no famous example of acid jazz)). My favorite genres are industrial, acid jazz, techno, electronic, dance, arabic, hip-hop, rap, thrash metal (I dislike speed metal (very early Metallica, for instance)), and alternative rock. The only genre that I actively dislike is country (and I make an exception for Shania).

Now if you want to, you can go change your vote -- or just vote if you haven't yet. If I send you a CD you have to listen to every single song all the way through (unless there's one you just can't stand, but you have to listen to almost every one)! And if you don't want to, please vote no so I can stop anxiously waiting for your response ('cause you know I am!). ;-)


And I got a birthday package from darkpool today! Candy and beads and a purple container of homemade scented gloss, oh my! Thank you!

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