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Ashleelee visited me at work today / names

My alariya came to Wal-Mart during my shift today -- and nearly scared the excrement out of me when she snuck up behind me and hugged me as I was preoccupied with a customer. My thoughts went "AAH! oh, elya -- no, too curvy, too short -- oh, Ashley!" 'cause elya (Nimajn's twin) works at Wal-Mart and sometimes we do that to each other, but she's really tall and slender, like Nimajn. Anyway.

So I spent my tiny little break (I think I'm the only one who actually takes 15-minute 15s) with Ashley and her Kevin, and Ashley petted me the whole time. *sigh* She definitely needs to drop this notion of being a teacher and be a massage therapist instead. I felt so loved that she went way out of her way just to see me for a few minutes, and even more loved that she petted me. It totally soothed my ruffled spirit, made me feel loved and cherished.

She's away from LJ 'cause a storm killed her ethernet card, in case anyone was wondering. I know she's adopted a few of you from my friends list, and she'll probably end up adopting a few more 'cause I talk about you. (It doesn't mean I don't talk about you if she doesn't add you, of course.)

I've been trying to come up with a good name for me to call her... I kinda like Ashy but I think it sounds a little too silly.

Phoebe -- bright one (Greek)
Solana -- the sun (Spanish)
Konane -- Lunar Glow (Hawaiian)
Keahi -- Flames, Fire (Hawaiian)
Nashwa -- wonderful feeling (Egyptian)
Zahara -- shining, luminous (Arabic)
Kefira -- young lioness (Hebrew)
Kalea -- bright (Hawaiian)
Malana -- light (Hawaiian)
Kalama -- flaming torch (Hawaiian)
Serafina (Sera) -- burning, ardent (Hebrew)
Saniyah -- resplendence, brillance (Arabic)

None of those seem right, though some come close... I'm about ready to dig out my Edheledian notebook and coin her one.

Oh yeah, and check out the awesome thing I did in my layout (scroll down a bit and look at the sidebar) -- I added links to a bunch of your journals, arranged in an artistic shape (otherwise no particular order).
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