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photoshoot with storeyphoto / why I no longer shave

on the photoshoot:
planned to leave last night and spend the night there (the photographer is my uncle-in-law and I lived with Bob and Mary for about five months) but... that didn't work out because Mary had thought we were supposed to be there earlier so she was annoyed with us for being 'late.'

So instead we got up terribly early (for a Sunday) and drove to Gainsville. I tell you what, next time I am going to be extremely clear and down-to-the-minute on the planning.

I feel a bit uneasy because I know I didn't do my best work. I hadn't had enough time to relax and focus, I had about five hours of sleep, and I was bloaty from not having drunk enough water yesterday. In skimming through the photos (we did all digital this time) I saw that my face was pretty closed, I think because Mary tends to have a muting effect on me at first and there wasn't enough time for it to wear off, and also because I just didn't have much energy. I really feel disappointed about that.

Also I wore dark rose-purple lipstick/liner, and I don't know if I'll like that in photos or not. My face is very rose-toned already, so that might be good... or not. Next time I'm definitely going for more brownish tones. My eye makeup was perfection though.

Yet at the same time, even though my belly is very untoned right now, I felt more comfortable with my body than ever before. I wasn't constantly worring about how my belly looked (though I did spend some thoughts on it, I won't lie). Oh, and I didn't have to shave, either. I brought my razor just in case, but he was cool with it.

Why don't I shave anymore? because anar_anar mentioned that she doesn't, and that freaked me out a bit at first, and then I thought, "why do I shave?" and realized that the only reason, the ONLY reason, that I shave is because that is the socially acceptable thing to do. I don't like the feel of shaved skin any better than hairy, I hate the chore of the actual shaving, and I actually find hairy armpits very very sexy on guys and girls. Not so much with the leg hair, but you can barely see mine anyway. So why waste time, energy, and money doing something I don't want to do just to be 'normal?' (I do trim, just because certain body hair can give unwanted friction during fun times)

It was a short shoot, about 3.5 hours (we usually shoot 5-7 hours) but we did jewelry shots (YAY!), shots with the grey nettish fabric (which was unbelievable, even more awesome than I thought it'd be, we're definitely using it again next time), careful shots with lit candles (I look like a priestess, it's awesome), shots with butterfly wings, shots with my awesome dagger skirt and knee boots, and a few hair shots. And I should receive the CDs on Thursday, YAY!

Also, I'm going to take a six-week bellydancing class, and afterwards we're going to have another photoshoot. I can't wait to see what my belly looks like after six weeks of bellydancing!!! (I'll be much more flexible, too, I'm sure)
Tags: art -- photography, body image

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