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talk w/ Michael

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Michael: words may be glass but i am cellophane
Belenen: I like rolling that around in my mind
Belenen: sometimes you have a way with words
Michael: im glad your still thinking
Michael: sometimes?
Belenen: heh heh
Michael: i've been writing better lately because Van and i are having problems
Michael: i was writing about three a day
Belenen: yeah, a lousy life and wonderful writing tend to fuck regularly
Michael: wow
Belenen: ?
Michael: just a different side of you i havn't ever seen
Belenen: what is that?
Michael: i dont think i've ever heard you use fuck in an intellegent statement
Belenen: I don't think you've ever heard my use the word fuck period.
Michael: are you feeling sexy tonight or something
Belenen: I am careful who I say it around but it's one of my favorite words.
Michael: well i appreciate that then
Belenen: It's so perfect for an exclamation
Belenen: because it's the highest (or one of) human experiences....Collapse )
Belenen: I consider that there are 2 kinds of good sex: lovemaking and fucking
Michael: any experience yet
Michael: or just like to talk about it
Michael: getting informatio i mean
Belenen: lovemaking is when the emphasis is on a love connection and (nope, still a virgin) fucking is when the empahasis is pure physical pleasure
Michael: too bad...Collapse )
Michael: Sometime on Cement
Belenen: awesome title
"I have metal legs," I said
She looks off in sympathy
I totter back and forth
Falling for her glance

The metal has melted!!
How goes this magic?
That with a look she heals
With a gust, I fall

Fall is time of change
Nothing silver can stay
The most precious metal of all
Hangs around my neck and her feet

The pool of love
Shines like quicksilver
My joints are limber
I leap so high

Who knew that your spirit
Could turn metal to flesh
Save a person from standing
And change, everything, in fall

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