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My Alariya and I spent time together

Ben dropped me off at alariya's place at 7:30 and I helped her organize a bit, 'cause she just bought a huge keyboard and rearranged her whole room to accomodate it, so things were a bit untidy.

We talked for a bit and then scurried off to Best Buy to get her a new ethernet card, stopped at Borders to use a bit of my gift certificate, and then we went to my current favorite coffeehouse (independent, locally owned, the best kind) and had yummmmmy drinks with shots of cinnamon. And we sat and talked about religion versus an actual relationship with God, various controversial topics -- and our dream designs for dresses (complete with rough little sketches).

Then we went back to her apartment and watched "Playing By Heart" again (so she could focus on Joan this time, her idea but I didn't argue with it) and she gave me the best massage I've ever gotten -- even better than Ben's dad, who has actually studied. She's just a natural. And she may not have fallen in love with the character of Joan like I did, but she understood what I saw in her.

Being with Ashley is just so easy and natural and beautiful. The only thing I don't like about spending time with her is that it ends, but at least I leave with a glowy loved feeling. ;-)
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