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dream (meeting and being close with Eve)

For some reason I went to my bioparent's GA house and walked around the neighborhood -- then saw another car of the same make and model as mine (in my dream it was burgandy), and thought to myself, "huh, that could be Eve's car." Then Eve got out of the car and I was excited but nervous. I wasn't sure if she'd recognize me or not, so I didn't run up and hug her, even though I wanted to. Instead I walked up and said hi, and she turned and looked at me and then I saw her recognize me so I went up and hugged her. It was more like old friends meeting after a long absence than two lj friends meeting for the first time -- and the hug was so genuine. Not short, not awkward like I had expected it to be. And there was something sad about it -- like I was comforting her about something.
Afterward I started helping them (evileve and scourge) move in, oddly enough into my parents' old house. It didn't take very long (obviously a dream), so we just sat and talked together for a while... unfortunately the details are fuzzy, but I remember talking about Lilith and a lot of other subjects.

The dream was so vivid emotionally that now I miss her, and feel comfortable saying all of this even though yesterday I'd have felt a little awkward since I don't really know how she feels about me. The dream-feeling convinces me that she understands and loves me.
Tags: dreams, lj friends, those passing through

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