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flyupward yay! / trillian / my wings are growing, I think.

Well, anar_anar's back, thank goodness. I was freaking out, thinking I'd actually have to use Trillian. I need to just make a new screenname, 'cause my dad knows my old one and IMs me nearly every time I sign on... and I don't like talking to him, don't like having him IM me constantly even though I have my away message up. I did create one. and you should recognize the name that asks you to buddy-back on yahoo and aim -- if you want to hook up with me (and haven't already), fill out this poll.

My shoulders hurt all evening, and I know I slept fine and didn't do any unusual exercise... They felt heavy. felt like my wings were growing, getting heavier. The soreness felt like a weight near my spine, at my shoulderblades, kinda like a heavy backpack, but the weight was on my back, not my shoulders. And I feel like I can sense where they are, their length, breadth. I didn't even know I had wings... and I could be imagining all of this, of course. If I see no difference in my life, I don't think I'll believe in this experience, but if I do see a difference, I'll believe that my spirit is winged.

Ben and I both were very unusually edgy tonight, and I couldn't take him touching me or even standing close until late. After he went to bed and I was alone for a bit, I went in and lay down with him and he cuddled me. Kanika cuddled me too. ;-)

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