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moneh moneh moneh / aubrey! / Tanith Lee books

Ben and I got paid today and he got his bonus, so we actually have more money than we need! What a wonderful feeling. We'll even have a nice sum after putting a large chunk in savings.

hey aubkabob, I ordered the Niobium findings (which apparently even people who can't wear gold can wear) and they should be here by Tues or Wed at the latest, then I'll make the earrings and send 'em to you... so your b-day present may be a bit late, sorry. :-( And I can't remember what style/color/length you wanted, so please let me know. (go to my earrings page if you want to look over them again)

I also bought an armful of books from the used book store today, including three Tanith Lee novels that the owner had just put on the shelf today (thank you God!), and used up the rest of my Borders gift card on "Metallic Love," the latest Tanith Lee novel. She's such an incredible writer sometimes, though some of her books are just shitty... I've literally ripped one to shreds before because it made me so furious and disgusted, yet she also wrote my favorite fantasy novel, "Biting The Sun."


You can only move as fast as those in front of you
And if you assume just like them, what good will it do?
So find out for yourself, so your ignorance will stop bleeding through.

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