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Allison and Joe visit

Allison and Joe came over after work today, and I realized that Allison missed me -- which surprised me, because I figured that if she had missed me, she'd have reached out to me in some way, tried to spend a little time with me alone during her (very short) spring break. But she did kinda go out of her way to see me -- she was leaving at 6am the next morning, and they came over at 11:30pm and stayed until 4:30 in the morning. And I could see it in her face when she looked at me, and in the fact that she wasn't all defensive about not spending time with me (like she usually is). She was just very open with me, and fairly cuddly with me too (which made me very happy). She gave off no resentment for me wanting her time... maybe before this I have had a demanding spirit and put her on the defensive -- quite possible. I was very angry/offended when I originally saw her post saying that she was off to spend time with "family and boyfriend" (not me) -- and now that I went looking for that post to get the quote right, I think she deleted it or edited it out. Or maybe I imagined it. Wuurd.

Anyway, the point is, she was open and caring and showed that she did miss me, and it meant a lot to me.

Ben and Joe talked a bunch about WOW (go figure) and we ate pizza and played boggle and laughed and laughed. It was quite fun. I had forgotten how funny Joe can be (and how ridiculous he and Ben are when they're in the same room).

Joe and Allison look happy together, cuddly-kissy without being disturbingly sexual. (very little disturbs me anyway, but if you're rolling on the floor, well...) I don't know anything really about their relationship, but I hope they are helping each other to grow and individuate. ;-)
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