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happy birthday to aubkabob and chapeco!!!

Happy Birthday aubkabob!!!
Happy Birthday chapeco!!!

Two of my favorite lj-friends were born on the same day!

aubkabob, you make me laugh out loud all the time with your quirky turn of phrase, and I adore that. Even when you're sad, you manage to find something to laugh at, and it doesn't seem like the phony 'avoiding reality' Chandler-type humor -- you genuinely feel your sorrow but at the same time, feel true amusement. You and I, we're like this *points two fingers back and forth at your eyes, then mine, then yours* You're a person who gives deeply of herself, and I admire that. Keep on being you.

Oh, and your present is going to be late, 'cause even though it's all wrapped and ready, it's not sent yet. ;-) I'm going to the post office to send it later today. I feel pretty confident that you'll love at least 2/3rds of it. And I really really REALLY hope those niobium findings work for you -- they are supposed to be so non-reactive that even people who can't wear gold can wear them -- and they're so pretty that once I get my jewelry business successful enough, I think I will make them a trademark of my earrings. ;-) How cool would it be to finally be able to wear dangly earrings and have your first pair be a Waterstar Original™? You'll be even more pheobe-esque.

chapeco, I've really enjoyed getting to know you over the last two months. I greatly respect openness and honesty, and you dish out a good-sized dollop of both. I enjoy the way you write, how you explain your feelings and thoughts. Mostly, I like reading your journal because I feel that I am getting to know a brave, passionate person. I think we've both inspired each other occasionally, and I hope to develop a solid friendship with you.
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