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Ashley is wonderful! she is happy to have the chance to help me

alariya came over to pick me up and take me to get a copy of my marriage certificate for work (I still haven't changed my social security number), and of course I wasn't ready, because I forgot to set my alarm... so while I was getting ready she washed some of our dishes (what a servant's heart she has!) and then took me down there. It wasn't something fun, just something I needed. How amazing it is to have someone you can count on to help you when you need it! Oh yeah, and while she was there, she bought a coffee and snack for the parking lot guard and drinks for the two security guards at the front, and gave it to them -- and it really blessed them. I was proud to be her friend -- she has the guts to do something that I'd like to do, but wouldn't amount to more than a wistful thought, at least, in the past it wouldn't have.

My name for her is Alariya, (a-LAH-rree-yuh (roll the R)) which is Edheledian for "Flame." (I'll also think of her as Analariya -- "bright flame") I'll probably refer to her as Alariya here, so know that Alariya = Ashley = alariya.

Oh, and since you probably don't know, Belenen means "Star of the Waters" in Edheledian. And Edheledian is a language I'm creating for my fantasy world.
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