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how the quitting went

so, I finally talked to Polly... she came up to my register and told me to come talk to her before I took my 15, then went to the back. I was so nervous talking to her right then that I was shaky. Anyway, they sent me a replacement and I went to lock up my drawer, and asked Laura if she wanted me to go talk to Polly and then come back to her and tell her when I went on my 15, and Laura looked at me and said, "No, I know you'll only be gone for 15 minutes. Just go talk to her and then go wherever you want." (she took more words to say it though) I was so flattered, really, because for a person of her personality type to waste time saying something unnecessary is quite a compliment. And then I was walking to the back, thinking that I've never worked with such wonderful managers and I'm really going to miss them (except Jayme, who is NOT a good manager. A good manager puts their employees' well-being first. But I'm rarely scheduled at the same time as she is).

As I was about to walk into the back, I prayed frantically for peace and that it would go smoothly and well...

So I sat down and explained, saying that I've been out a few times in the past month because I've been going to counseling because I was sexually abused as a child, and a lot of times a session will leave me feeling sick for the rest of the day. And Ben and I have decided that I need to be out for a while to concentrate on healing, so I'm going to have to leave, even though I love working there.

I expected a guilt trip or irritation or suspicion or "okay bye" -- but she suprised me. She agreed earnestly that I should take time to concentrate on healing, and she asked me how long I'd been there, said she could get me medical leave if I had been there six months (but I haven't, I've been there three months)... and I'm not sure if it was the lighting, but she even looked a little teary-eyed. She was very supportive and caring, and ended up telling me to just give her a note for two weeks notice, and she'd make it so I could be hired back. She amused me by referring to it as 'resigning' rather than 'quitting.' heh heh.

Oh the loads of stress that took off my back!!! I don't have to be sad, because I can work there again as soon as I'm ready, and nobody's going to hate me or think me irresponsible or lazy for taking time out. And I really respect Polly and didn't want to disappoint her, so I'm very glad that she was supportive.

P.S. check out my updated userinfo and journal! I replaced the images with far, far better versions. I'm especially proud of how I did the text on the userinfo portrait.

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