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email to Spencer

I just emailed Spencer... *bites nails* I know I'm going to be checking my email crazy-all-the-time until he writes me back now. Silly girl, so freaking scared of indifference.

Nope, I didn't tell him about my journal. Not sure when I will. Maybe we'll start emailing back and forth and then I'll get the eggs to do it. I'm hinging so much on his response, it's ridiculous.

EDIT: I wrote him this:
Hi Spencer!

Can you email me Gabe's school snail-mail address?

And how's life?

I'm about to quit my job (temporarily) to concentrate on counseling stuff... I suppose you could say life is going well for Ben and I, for the most part. We're at the most financially stable we've ever been, we have a decent savings fund, and I'm improving emotionally, though slowly. We hope that me being free of the responsibility of work will help me to let go, stop being strong and stoic, and experience all the pain I've locked away, so that I can be free of it for good.

I'd love it if you'd keep me in your prayers, and Ben too ('cause he's going to need a lot of patience and strength to help me through this).

Love always,

P.S. Please kiss Risa for me and tell Paula and William I said hi!

he emailed me:
"Everything is going well. Time is flying by. Risa is starting to crawl. She also is realizing when we are leaving without her, and that's not pleasant. Gabe is here this weekend." Kinda terse, eh? I knew I shouldn't have written him. *beats fist on forehead* STUPID GIRL.

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