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ryan phillippe / dvds

just watched Antitrust with Ben -- a much better movie than I had expected, since it is yet another hacker movie. But damn, I'm impressed with Ryan's acting. In that movie I watched him progress from incredibly innocent and even a bit bumbling to determined and wary... and it did have one bit that surprised me -- the women didn't fall into their stereotypes, not quite. Overall, worth watching, but only for the acting, the plot is fairly predictable.

Also just watched some trailers for others of his movies that I haven't seen -- apparently Crash came out last year and I never heard about it, so I didn't get to see it in theatres. It looks like my kinda movie, drama with racial clashings (where people learn from them, I mean), and it's a Ryan movie so I have to see it anyway. I might end up buying it. From the trailer, I think I'll like the directorial style. (directorial? is that a word? it is now.)

Right now, I have 2 Benjamin Gate DVDs, 3 Ryan Phillippe DVDs, and 4 Angelina DVDs. Other than that, I only have Friends (seasons 1-8). And they're all legit copies, I support my artists. ;-) And obviously I tend to pick favorites and then 'obsess.'

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